Saturday, September 29, 2007

Christmas Stockings

I thought that you might like to see my collection of Christmas Stockings. Each one of my sons has one. They are all from a magazine that I used to buy many years ago and I bought it for a long time. It was called Cross Stitch and Country Craft. I haven't seen it in my local newsagents for many years so I don't know if it is still published. I have actually done four stockings but I gave one away. It had a musical theme and also had gold and silver threads worked into it. Its a pity that I never took a photo of it.

This one has a bedroom theme. There are certain things in each room that I love. I love the clown doll on the bed. His hair is all French knots, along with the strings of cranberries, popcorn and cinnamon sticks .
On this one I love the rug on the floor which looks like a proper braided rug, the shaker boxes near the fire and the teddy bear. This one is the lounge room.
Now this one looks like either the library or the office. Santa has just come back from a hard nights work and is exhausted. The things I like in this one are the goose, the train set, car and the night sky.
All three stockings that I have are stockings that you really have to stop and examine. They all have things in them that are interesting and have things that make an interesting room. I love hanging them on my fire place at Christmas.


Yasmin said...

Hi Barbara,
You actually stitched all these? Wow! Such beautiful stitching and all those fabulous and stunning samplers.I'm in awe! Great work!

Yasmin said...

Hi Sandra,
I'm sorry that I got your name mixed with another stitcher. LOL.

Barbara said...

Perhaps Yasmin was thinking of me when she commented on your blog :)

Yasmin's right, fabulous stitching going on in your home! Very intense pieces.

You must be an accomplished stitcher working on 45ct! Oh poor old eyes will cry :D

Thanks for coming by my blog :)

Squazi said...

These are so very beautiful. What a wonderful mum you are to have made these for your sons.

Squazi said...

Oops! Forgot to say, that it was really windy down at the bottom of the mountains as well. Unfortuately my beautiful grevillia succumbed to the wind and half the tree came down. But being a hardy native, I am sure that it will survive.

Joanie said...

Hi Sandra! Those stockings are absolutely beautiful! I have most of the issues of the magazine they were in, hmmm, maybe I should take a trip down memory lane...

I promise to email soon, I am working this weekend ;-( so not a lot of stitching time!

Loved the photos of your home and

Jaimie said...

Oh my! I just took a stitching break and found your lovely comments which led me to these! Wow! These are stunning and I am learning by doing the tremendous amount of work and detail in them. I also have that one with the fireplace and mentally put that next on my to do list. Thanks so much for sharing. I will be back to visit often!

Mary Ann said...

Thank you for the kind comment on my blog. Your stitching is lovely, and I'm glad that I have now found your blog. I will be back, for sure!

BeckySC said...

GORGEOUS!!! I love them all!
Beautiful work :)