Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ann Cottee

 My goodness, it has been a long time since I last posted.  Since that time, my DH and I have been on a couple of trips over a couple of weekends.

We have been up to the Mid North Coast of New South Wales to an area where my DH loves, as it is home.  We went to the Taree and Port Macquarie area.  The photo above is in a placed called Wingham.  The B&B we stayed in was across the road from this famous Vampire Fighter Plane.

 This photo is from a Mountain in the Camden Haven area.  This Mountain is called The Little Brother.  In the area there are a couple of Mountains and when Captain Cook was passing by in 1770 he called them The Brothers as they reminded him of the Mountains in Yorkshire.  Little Brother is the smallest of them and there is a viewing area on the top of it.  Down below you can see the Camden Haven which is a River and 2 Lakes.  Looking towards the left is Port Macquarie and that is the Pacific Ocean.

These are some of the beaches along the Pacific Coast  at Port Macquarie.  As you can see it was a very windy day when we were there.

This is one of the light houses that are around the area.  It is a dangerous shipping area near the Coast.

This is Laurieton.  I was taking photos of the Pelicans that are always there, but not sure if they are in this photo.

This is my current piece of work.  It have been working on another SL chart called Ann Cottee.  It is a sampler that I have loved for a long time.  You notice that I seem to like SL charts lol.

I love these funny little ladies who are scattered throughout the sampler.

I love the halo that surrounds the house.

and the potted plants that are in the bottom window.

I'm still working on the house filling in the bricks.  Although last night I thought that I would have a change from doing them and worked on the bath on the left hand side while watching The Voice Australia.

I have been really enjoying watching The Voice.  We have as judges, Seal, Joel Madden from Good Charlotte, Delta Goodrem and Keith Urban.  My goodness there have been some really wonderful singers there and some wonderful ones have fallen by the wayside.

Well, that is about all I know at the moment.  Every day it is getting cooler here as Winter will be sticking its head up soon.  I have enjoyed watching all the beautiful deciduous trees changing colour.

I hope that all is well in your part of the world.