Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Miss Ann Cottee

 Happy dance time, Miss Ann Cottee is now finished and framed and now hanging on the wall.

I thought because she is a sampler that you don't see that often and the photo of her on The Scarlet Letter site is so small where you can't see all the detail that I would take a lot of photos for you to see. Bewarned, this is photo heavy.

Miss Ann is one of those samplers that are a joy to stitch and it isn't until you see her that you realise what a wonder piece she is.  She has these amazing ladies or angels who are scattered throughout the piece.  I don't know if they are 1800's version of Smurfs lol or Pixies.

The only over ones (such a difference from my last sampler lol) is with Anne's details.

More funny ladies.

It was actually the house that attracted me to Ann and also the aura that surrounds the building.

Top left hand side.

Top right.

These 2 ladies are the ones that I love lol.  They look as if they are playing tennis.  Margaret are you seeing this.  They look as if they are holding tennis racquets, but in fact I think that they are holding fans.

Down the bottom again in the middle again.

This year we have been having a lot of problems with our internet.  We are supposed to have unlimited internet access by apparently the provider has changed the deal without telling us.  It is similar to when companies such as a biscuit company reduces the size of their biscuits, but still charge you the same amount. They hope that you don't notice.  But with a teenager in the house, after a week or two, you do notice.

So I am sorry that I haven't been able to visit a lot of blogs or leave comments.

The weather in the Mountains has been very Mountain like lately.  Wet and misty.  It is good weather to sit inside and stitch.  Pity that the housework gets in the way.  Darn lol.

I hope that you are all well and thank you for dropping by.