Thursday, September 6, 2007

Seven Sailors Sampler Finished

I have finished the Goode Housewif's Seven Sailors Sampler. It was a joy to stitch and my friend Karen was pleased with the result as she wanted it for a store model. I am currently working on another store model for her. It is Long Dog's The Token. I love Quaker samplers and I am enjoying working on it. I am doing it on 40c

we have gone back to the cold weather in the mountains over the last few days. Some days have been quite misty and raining. Although I can't complain about the rain as that is one thing we need in Australia desperately.

I received a copy of "le marquoir de Marie Menanteau 1861 this morning. It is a beautiful sampler and I plan to do it soon. If I had a wish list of samplers to collect one would be "The marquoir de Justine". I find the sad story of Justine quite interesting and it is such a beautiful sampler. Don't know where I would get it here in Australia.

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PauleM said...

Hi Sandra! I'm also stitching Marie Menanteau, and will help you find le marquoir de Justine! Try this address to contact Martine :
I hope she'll agree to send you the chart! Paule.