Monday, September 10, 2007

Photo's that I have done that my Mother has

I went to visit my parents yesterday. While I was there I took some photo's of some of the samplers that I have done and given to my mother. I will post some every few days. I'm sorry if they are at an angle or have reflections showing on the glass. My Mum has lung cancer from breast cancer and yesterday she wasn't well. Today she is feeling a lot better. Anyway I couldn't remove them off the walls the take the photo's properly. A lot of these are in her bedroom. A couple of these I have changed the names to family members. By the way my mums walls are not this colour. They are apricot. My youngest got abit artistic. You can see the proper colour on the next photo.

The first one is one I call Lois Kember it is from Sampler & Antique Needlework Book Volume I. It is called Frances Jewkes Sampler. Lois Kember is my Great Great Grandmother. I thought it and the next one would be special to my mum. The second one is a Goode Huswife one and I have called her Jane Stevenson. She is my Great Grandmother, daughter of Lois. My mum has these samplers where she can see them in her room on days when she is not well.

The third one is also from Sampler & Antique Needlework Book and is called Dorothy Preston Sampler.

This one is a Emmie Biship Sampler that I did a few years ago and gave Mum for her birthday.
This one is from a Cross Stitch Treasures from a quite a few years ago. It is the Spanish sampler. I changed the name to Adelaide de la Thoreza. She was my Great Great Great Great Grandmother on my fathers side. She was born in Madrid and she had a very interesting life in Australia. My parents have this one in their hallway (they have a very large house).


Anonymous said...

Hello Sandra,
Just found your blog, love your stitching! Can't wait to see some more!

DonnaSews said...

Your work is just beautiful. I am so impressed by your talent.

Lelia said...

goodness!!! your samplers are gorgeous. Wonderful projects : )