Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Update on Queen Mary's Rug

I don't know if you remember, a few years ago I posted a few photos from a book that I have that had belonged to one of my Great Grandmothers and it was about Queen Mary

Among the photos there was a really interesting story about how Queen Mary started working on this beautiful Needlepoint Rug. She worked on it from 1941 until 1950. When she finished it she decided to give it to the Nation so that funds could be raised to help the war effort. I thought that you might be as interested as I was to see this stunning rug. I would really love to see it in person, but that isn't possible. Canada is a long way from Australia.

The above photo is of Queen Elizabeth (I think she was still Queen at this time and hadn't become the Queen Mother) and Princess Margaret looking at this amazing rug.

Here she is stitching in the Garden. Only a very regal Queen would sit in the garden dressed this way I am sure.

Today, some very kind person has sent me a link to see this wonderful rug in colour. I would like to say Thank You. I really appreciate it as I have always wondered what it looked like in all its glory. Isn't it beautiful.

The rug is in the National Gallery of Canada and because of its fragile nature apparently isn't on show.

Click onto this link to read all about this beautiful rug and how it ended up being in Canada.

Queen Mary started this rug in 1941 when she was 69 and finished it in 1950.

I haven't done very much on my Ann Grant as my DH had a fall a couple of weeks ago and sprained his Lateral Ligament in his Right Knee. He has been home since than on crutches. The treatment for this injury is similar to having a broken bone which is just rest and keep off it. He fell while taking the little dog next door home in the dark. The dog had gotten out and was wandering around on the road and had nearly been run over. My DH fell in our neighbours drive way. My Son is also on School Holidays at the moment, so between the two of them, not a lot of stitching is being done lol.