Monday, February 14, 2011

Dutch Spot Sampler

I have been asked many times about the sampler above. It is a Dutch Spot Sampler. The pattern was in an Australian Better Homes and Gardens Magazine a long time ago. Probably about 15 years ago. I'm sorry I really don't know where you could a copy of this sampler.

It is a beautiful sampler and always reminds me of my Dutch Beauty Sampler as they have similar motifs on them. This one also has an A&E on it.

They are both worked on 32ct cream linen over one. They hang in next to each other in my hallway.

Friday, February 11, 2011

She's Armless

This is where I am currently with the lovely Hannah Lancaster. Her dress is nearly complete. I only have a couple of rows to go before she is done and then I just have to finish off the side pieces, put the cross parts onto the border and she is all done. Yay she says lol.

I love Hannah, she reminds me while I have been doing her of one of Goofy's friends - Pete. She looks like one of his family. Oh I'm terrible lol. But you have to laugh sometimes.

Nothing much to report here. I'm looking forward to finishing Hannah and I think my next start will be Susan Rambo from the new edition of SANQ. What a stunner that one is. It is really jumping up and down getting my attention. I have all the DMC threads and just need to get the 40ct linen.

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend. I am going spend some time on the weekend with some of my family which will be lovely. I have 3 birthdays at the moment. On Sunday it will be my Father's 81st birthday, so it will be lovely to spend some time with him.