Monday, February 18, 2008

Margaret Gibson Update

I thought that I had better post an update of my progress on Margaret Gibson. I haven't been able to do alot because I have been having trouble with my eyes and also I have been suffering from the dreaded Arthritis in my wrist. I broke my wrist about 5 years ago in 7 places (I did a really good job on it when I broke it LOL). Anyway, whenever we have changes in the weather it starts to ache when I hold the frame that I use. We have had alot of cool wet weather lately and with the eyes and the wrist I haven't done that much.

Since my last post on Margaret I have finished the house and the (I think its wisteria) vine on the house. The vine is done in Queen Stitch. I decided to do a few of the things on the side before I tackle the boring lawn part. She is still looking good.

I have started to dream of my next project. I don't whether to do Beatrix Potter, or finish doing Sarah Moon (I have been contemplating redoing this one on 40ct). With Sarah Moon I started working her on 32ct before I started Margaret Gibson, but I think it is going to be too large for me. I also have kitted up "A Stitchers Hands" - Honest Kind and Good and the other Scarlet Letter Sampler that I have "Marion Robertson" is also calling. I think I have wittled it down to Beatrix Potter and Marion Robertson.

I love Beatrix Potter. I have a large collection of not only Beatrix Potter Books, games and puzzles and English china. Some of my books are books that you don't see that often. I was very lucky a few years ago when it was Peter Rabbits 100th Birthday. One of my friends was going for a holiday to England and staying near Hilltop Farm. She bought me back a special reproduction of the original Peter Rabbit letter with postcards. Its something that I cherish and maybe on my next post I will take a few photos to show you some of my BP collection.

I know that I am quite slack in publishing this photo but someone asked if I could post a photo of the magazine that the sampler below was in. It was Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publication called Country Crafts from 1997. I hope this helps. The sampler below is quite pretty. I really like the older version though.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Queen Mary's Dolls House

I haven't been doing any needlework this week except for quilting a rug so I thought I'd show you one of the most incredible things I have ever seen.

As you can gather from my previous post I have a thing for Queen Mary. She was known for her great love and knowledge of antiques especially china and had great taste.

During the 1920's there was a suggestion for the creation of a gift to the Queen that would serve as a token of national goodwill and provide a means of raising funds for the many charitable schemes that Queen Mary had at heart. The Doll House came into being and when it was created was exhibited on several occasions at the British Empire Exhibitions at Wembly.

One important purpose in the minds of those who put forward the idea of the Dolls House was to present a model of a house of the 20th century which should be fitted up with perfect fidelity, down to the smallest details, so as to represent as closely and minutely as possible a genuine and complete example of a domestic interior with all the household arrangementsof the daily life of the time. It was a scheme that Queen Mary loved and took great interest in.

The dolls house is over 5 feet high and is in a large glass case that you are able to walk around and study every minute detail. What is amazing about it is everything in it works. From the door locks, lifts, electric lights, piped hot-water supply, an electric vacuum cleaner, electric iron and many other labour saving devices.

The house was designed bySir Edwin Lutyens. All the tiny books having a complete story in them written by many famous writers of the time e.g. Thomas Hardy, Rudyard Kipling, Joseph Congrad, Conan Doyle, John Galsworthy, and Hugh Walpole among many.

The minute paintings were also painted by many famous artists. The scale of everything is 1" to 12".
Above is the Kings Bedroom, The Dining Room below and part of the Queens Bedroom and The Drawing Room.

These are the Queens Apartments and the Kings Apartments below with an incredible collection of antique cars of the time. The Dolls house is at Windsor Castle and used be looked after by Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.