Friday, February 5, 2010

It's All A Bit Fruity

I know I haven't blogged for a few weeks, but I have had a lot going on.

My Son finished his School Holidays so we had to go and get everything that he needed for the new school year. He started back last Friday so it is all nice and quiet here.

I also had to go and have a few tests and Dr's Appointments as I have to go into hospital in 2 weeks time for an operation on both of my knees. (Oh the pain of it all).

Although I haven't been blogging or visiting other blogs I have still been stitching and this is my progress on Scarlet Letters - Grazing Sheep. I love SL Samplers. Don't worry there are sheep in the sampler, just not yet. They are down the bottom. There is a dog though that will appear quite soon. But we have gone very fruity with pineapples etc. There are more fruit in the other basket, but these are over one as is the dog. In the border which I hate doing. Yes, I am one of those border haters. I think it is the repetition, in each corner there are large gold stars which are done in satin stitch. I am waiting to get a bit further down before I do these as I found that sometimes it rubs a bit and leaves little balls.

On the Hannah front, this is this weeks progress. See not much border done, although I am doing one or two a week when I stitch this on Sundays. Hannah is worked on 40ct cream linen and Grazing Sheep is on 35ct cream linen.

While my son was on holidays. He and a few friends decided to go down the end of the Street where we have this amazing waterfall. Although it doesn't look like it was doing much when he took the photos. If he went today, it would be a different story as we have had so much rain that yesterday which caused 2 landslides on the railway line, a train to derail and also closed the Highway due to a landslide.

Anyway, back to the photos. He borrowed my camera and took these photos and I thought that you might like to see what is down the end of my Street. Remember that this is part of the Blue Mountains National Park and that I am surrounded by the National Park.

This is a photo of part of the water fall. I think there are a few more parts to this. This all goes down into the Grose Valley.

This is the top of the Valley. It is a long way down to the bottom and there are millions and millions of gum trees down there. This is usually where all the Bush Fires lately have been.
There was also a pretty picture of a sandstone wall down there. There are also caves in this wall.

Here is one of the caves. I hope he didn't go into it as there as snakes down here.

Silly me, I have uploaded the wrong photo of the water fall. Sorry.

Here is one of the natives. I think it is a lizard and not a snake sunning itself. It looks like it has legs.
Hopefully I will be able to post another photo of Grazing Sheep and Hannah before I go into Hospital. Next week is another busy week. If not, I will see you when I return.