Friday, January 28, 2011

Hannah Update and a Forgotten Sampler

My goodness, it is ages since I have updated my blog. But for a couple of weeks I couldn't do any sewing as I sort of had an accident with a slicing machine.

One of my Sons bought me one of those Mandolin Slicing Machines for Christmas and I thought that I would try and use it on a carrot. Not a good idea as I ended up at the local hospital for 2 hours as I couldn't get it to stop bleeding. I took a huge chunk of skin out and had to get around with the Mummy's Revenge as I called it for over a week. I did try to sew, but the needle kept getting stuck in the bandage. So I gave up. It also impeded on the heavy bandaid that I had on for another couple of weeks. I have only just stopped wearing the bandaid.

So this is where I am up to on Hannah. I was looking forward to actually getting Hannah on to the Sampler, but decided to go and do the one thing that I hate doing and that is the border. I have completely finished the right hand side, half of the left hand side and I am now working along the bottom. I also started writing her name on the bottom as one night I wouldn't find the skein of green that I am using to work the border. Would you believe it was in my thread container all along. It was hiding behind the needles lol.

This morning I have been going around like a crazy lady looking for a quilt that I started making many years ago. I thought that I should get it out and finish sewing all the applique pieces onto it so that I can finish it. But I don't know where I have put it, but I did find this sampler that I was working on in 1999. I always thought that it was quite pretty and it has my favourite Psalm on it - The Lord is My Shepherd. All I have to do is finish the border. I told you I'm not a border lover lol. I really should finish it. I think it is done on 28ct cream linen. This is many years before I could get 40ct linen.

Thank goodness today is a lot cooler than it has been for the last few days. Yesterday I felt like a melting ice cube. Unfortunately the cooler weather is only here for a couple of days. The heat is coming back next week. But I suppose it is better than all the rain that we had previously. I really thought that it was time to go and build an Ark.

I hope that you have a lovely weekend and thank you for visiting me and reading my wafflings.