Friday, September 14, 2007

Hardanger Piece

Thank you for all the lovely comments regarding my work. Joanie asked where the pattern for the Hardanger piece on the marble table is from. It is from an old Nordic Needle Book called "Award Winning Designs in Hardanger Embroidery 1995". It was a First Place Design and was designed by Rosabel Snethen, In the book the design is alot larger as it is rectangular. Mine is square and is done on 32ct linen. I like working on 32ct linen as I like the feel of it and the outcome of the work. The only thing I don't like with Hardanger is the first row when you do a large piece. When I get that done and it all works out correctly its like Yay for the Day. One of my other pieces took me a week to get it right and I think I used a ball of Pearl cotton to get there. I have since worked out ways to make sure that I work it out right and so far they are working.

I have another 2 large pieces that I have done and will post them soon. The other lot that I have done, I think about 5 or 6 pieces I have given to either my mother or sister. I forgot to take photos of the others when I was down there on the weekend

The above piece is another CrossNPatch design. I made it as a bell pull.


Joanie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog too but I am interested in the sampler with the house that you said was from an old JCS magazine. Could you tell me which issue? Thanks!

BTW, your hardanger is beautiful, I wish I wasn't afraid to cut!

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

That is gorgeous.... I just started hardanger and am hooked.

Bethany said...

Was going through Google and did a search on Hardanger blogs and found yours.

Your project is beautiful!