Thursday, September 27, 2007

My Current WIP and Views From Where I Live

This is my current WIP. I am doing "The Token" by Long Dog Samplers for my friend Karen's beautiful shop called "Dragonfly Dreams". She wants it for a "shop model". I am working it on 40ct. These two photos are near to where I live. The first one is the famous "Three Sisters". They are in a World Heritage Area and tourist come from all over the world to see them and the other photo. These photos were taken at 6.45 a.m. this morning at Echo Point Lookout. There was a little bit of mist in the Jamieson Valley below. Unfortunately they weren't looking so blue at the time just eerie . The reason they are called the Blue Mountains is because there are millions of eucalyptus trees down there. The trees emit a haze from the eucalyptus oil and when you look into the distance the mountains appear to be blue. It is also called the Blue Mountains National Park and it is quite large.

This photo is just to the right of The Three Sisters. In the distance you can see on top of the first mountain an old ruin. On top of the mountain if you click onto the photo you can see what looks like a ruin. It is called "The Ruin Castle" and I think it used to me a coal mine. All around the Blue Mountains there are lots of coal mines. Some of which are very old. I think this one is a deserted one and is used today by walkers who love to explore the many bush tracks down below in the Valley. I will try on another day to take a photo so you can see the blue mountains. Down below are nearly every type of animal that you associate Australia for e.g. kangaroos, wallabies, wombats and the most beautiful collection birds, e.g. parrots lyre birds etc.. When you stand up on the lookout on the top you can hear the most beautiful bird songs down below. Sometimes on weekends when there are a lot of tourists around there is an Aboriginal man who comes and plays his didgeridoo . It is pure magic.


Squazi said...

This is a great sampler design. You are making great progress. I love Karen's shop Dragonfly Dreams. It's one of those places where I could just buy everything in the shop.

The Blue Mountains are such a lovely place, I could spend every weekend up there. My husband lived there for most of his life, so when we moved, we moved to the bottom of the mountains. I think we are going to visit this long weekend so he can get his mountains fix.

Yuko said...

Oh wow, are you living near Blue Mountain???
I have been there twice while I was in Sydney (as a working holiday maker for a year)!
Once I had been there with my parents, it was very fun and could see three sisters very clearly!
That's my very good memory!