Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Angry Bird

This week I have been working on my Rebecca Cullin Sampler for Nicola's SL Year.  I have always loved this sampler and thought that I would love to do it.   The only part though that had me rolling my eyes was the freehand stitching.

When I put Rebecca down I was working on the leaves on the tree on the left, but thought that I would be a bit adventurous and try and work out the tree with the bird in it.  This is a real eye roller lol.

I decided that I would start by working out the outline for the whole bit and I still have to finish off it's tail.  I asked my husband if the bird looked ok and he had a quick look as they usually do and told me that it looked like a Penguin.  Really.

Then I thought that I would ask my Sister if it looked ok and sent her a photo of it and I got the message back that it looked like one of the Angry Birds.  So may I present an Angry Bird.

As you know the last time I posted, I told you that my second Son was getting married and I thought that you would like to see a couple of photo's.  Only a couple though as we are all quite shy and hate having our photo's taken.

This is my second Son Adam and his wife Kimberley.  They are standing in front of the car that brought Adam and his Best Man to the Wedding.  It is a Shelby Mustang Eleanor and is very cool.

Hopefully you  can see her beautiful dress in this photo.  Her dress was truly beautiful.  It had a Peplum from the waist which made the dress simply beautiful.

This is the wedding party.  The wedding was held in a beautiful Chapel in Sydney.  My youngest Son was the third Groomsman from the left hand side or two down from the Groom.

This is my outfit.  I really hate having my photo taken so you don't get many of them lol.  It was a really beautiful wedding and the day was just perfect.  The happy couple are now on their Honeymoon on a Cruise around the Pacific.

Thank you for stopping by.