Friday, October 14, 2011

Not On Your Nelly

My goodness, it is a long time since I posted isn't it? Well, lot of things have happened and for a couple of weeks I didn't do any sewing as for one I left my glasses down at my Son's house and had to wait to get them back and also I have been quite ill with a Lower Respiratory Tract Infection and for a while I really didn't feel like sewing. But more on that later.

You maybe wondering why there is a dog on the blog. Well, this is the lady of the house (or she thinks she is) Sally. Today in the Mountains, it is very overcast and misty at times. We also have light rain. Sally is the only sensible one in the whole house today. She got up had a look outside and then looked at me as if to say "Not on your Nelly, I'm not going out there", and went back to bed and is curled up there happily snoring away lol.

Anyway, on to more important things. This is my current piece. It is called The Tablet Sampler by The Scarlet Letter. For some reason I have always like Tablet Samplers and have a few photos of them. I think that this one is really lovely and I know that I have a lot of work ahead of me with the 10 Commandments over one. But I have decided to break them up and do pieces of the floral border and a Commandment or two depending on the size and then it shouldn't be to bad.

The Tablet Samplers always remind me of my visits to one of my favourite places England. On a couple of my visits we went into some of the Churches all over the place and I remember seeing the wonderful Tablets on the wall. Some of them were really lovely. In the Church of England Churches in Australia, most of them have the Tablets on the wall, but they put the Hymn No's, etc, that are going to be sung during the Service.

The angels face is all over one and I quite enjoyed sewing it. I am about to attempt another large flower and probably when I finish that I will go and do the first Commandment. I am planning on doing the left side first and then going over and doing the right side.

This is the next in the special Stacy Nash series that my LNS has. Because it is a bit overcast the colours look a bit different from what they should be. It is a really lovely piece though and only took me a day or two (probably two lol) to do.

I have been putting all my pinkeeps in this bowl. Now all I need is the sewing room to put them in. Yeah right. Fat chance.

One of the reasons that I haven't posted is that I have been staying with my Dad for 3 weeks while my Sister and my youngest Son went to England. They had a wonderful time and my Son now has the travel bug and is saving up to go again. Maybe, the pair of them will go again. I know that my Sister will lol. She is the Jet setter in the family.

My Sister loves going to Portobello road and while there she bought me this really beautiful Victorian Locket. I collect Lockets and Cameo's. It is really beautiful.

While staying with my Father, I had a wonderful day with one of my Aunts. The pair of us headed off to a wonderful Bead shop in Sydney called Bead Them Up and it was like walking into a wonderful lolly shop. It's a shop where a girl can do serious damage to ones credit card lol.

I bought a beautiful string of aquamarines and also one of tiny pearls and my Victorian Locket is now hanging off it.

I also love coral and I bought myself a lovely string of red coral and have had many lovely comments about it every time I wear this. For some reason though the photo is a bit strange, sorry.

While away, my Sister took my Son to some of our favourite places to visit. He has bought everybody presents, but they are Christmas presents. He did bring me back the tour guide to
Buckingham Palace and I have enjoyed looking through it. I have also enjoyed looking at the book on The British Museum. I know that he really enjoyed going there and he also loves History and has got a lot out of it. He loved his visit to Buck Palace and has been telling me about the wonderful things that he saw there. He even saw The Dress and told me that I would have really loved to see it.

Well, I guess that I have waffled on long enough so I had better get on and do what I was doing. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend and thank you for dropping by.