Saturday, May 24, 2008

Computers Gone Psycho

I just thought I'd let you know that unfortunately I can't blog at the moment with photos. Our computer which is only a couple of months old went slightly psycho two weeks ago and has had to be sent back to the store to be repaired. It probably won't be back for another 2-3 weeks. It kept continually shutting down when you were in the middle of things and programs like iPod kept disappearing.

At the moment we have to use a smaller computer that my sons use to play games etc. on and I don't want to put the programme on it for photos.

My Beatrix Potter sampler is coming along nicely. I am nearly half way there. I think because there are no colour changes all the time, you can just get moving along at a steady pace.

I have had a lovely morning. My Dad and Sister drove up to the Mountains to see me. We had a lovely morning exploring all the lovely shops around Leura which is town next to Katoomba. I saw some lovely things that I like but I will have to save up to get them.

My Sister is travelling overseas next month. She is going to Paris for a week (I could take this quite easily), then to England to stay with some friends. Then they are travelling to Venice for a week (also could take quite easily) and then back to London for a week. All together she will be away for a month, While she is away my Dad might come up and stay with us for a few days, which will be lovely.

It is a beautiful Autumn day today. The sun is out and the birds are singing. I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Ta Dah

Well, as you can see I finally framed and hung my beautiful Margaret Gibson. I had a slight problem where to hang her. So I decided to move around a few samplers from here to there and there to here and finally settled on this spot. This is one of my favourite corners in my lounge room. I usually sit on the right and sew.

A close up of Margaret. I was told by my DH that its slightly off, but it looks ok to me.

This is one of the samplers that I moved. Its now in one of the bedrooms. My husband bought this one for me when I was expecting my middle son in 1988. I finished it just before he was born. It is a Laura Ashley sampler. It is abit unusual as it is stitched on a brown Penelope Canvas with DMC wool. Then when it was framed I had to put brown paper behind the sampler to get that "old" look.

It's a beautiful day in the Mountains today. I picked maybe my last bunch of roses for the season. They are in the top photo. I love roses, violets and camellias. The camellias are starting to come out in my back garden. I have picked a small bunch to put my windowsill in the kitchen.

I hope that you all have a lovely weekend and I would like to wish you all a Happy Mothers Day.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Beatrix Potter Update

Well, what can I say, my Beatrix Potter is moving along nicely. I think I have done nearly a quarter of it. I find that once I start stitching over 1, I get into the grove as they say and off I go. It is especially easy when you don't have to change colours all the time.

Unfortunately I just noticed that I cut poor Peter Rabbit's head nearly off. The next one is a closer view of it. (Not PR head LOL).

As promised her are a few of the photos from the Christmas Story. They are all beautiful and I know the originals are worth a fortune. Wouldn't it be lovely to own just one.

These couple of photo's are from my lovely book called "The Art of Beatrix Potter". She was an amazing lady in many ways and so talented.

The 3 cards at the bottom are Christmas Cards from the National Trust in England. And the card with Peter Rabbit in the photo below is a card that my Sister sent to my eldest son when he was small on one of her many trips to England. (I better not tell him that I have it otherwise he will be after it LOL).

The final 2 photos are of a sampler that I did a long time ago. I think its by Homespun Sampler and it could be called "She Seeketh Wool". I love the sheep in it. I have a thing for sheep and cupids, among many things.

The weather in the Mountains in getting cooler every day. I think earlier that it was going to be quite yuk and I have been pleasantly surprised. The sun is now shining. I don't like the cold weather very much. It's not good for my bones (thats what happens when you start to grow older).

I used to have this lovely Great Aunt and Uncle who had the right idea. They used to live up at Blackheath which is 2 towns up from me. As soon as Winter came along they would uproot themselves from their beautiful home and move up to Surfers Paradise in Queensland for 3 months. Pity we all can't be wealthy and do what we like, but I suppose we can all dream.

I hope you all have a lovely week and that the weather is kind to us all.