Monday, March 5, 2012

Thank God The Sun Is Out

You may be wondering why I chose this title for my blog today. I am so sick and tired of rain. This Summer has been so wet. We have had so much rain that all the dams that were nearly dry 2 years ago are now over flowing. Everywhere you go on the East Coast of Australia somewhere there is a flood. In New South Wales where I live 75% of the State has been somehow affected by flood. Apparently New South Wales is the size of France so that gives you an idea of how much water there is.

My friend Suzanne of Squazi & The Chicken posted photos of the Nepean/Hawkesbury Rivers that flow at the bottom of the Blue Mountains. Suzanne lives down the bottom of the Mountain and I live up near the top. This part of the river wasn't to bad but further down some of the lower bridges were flooded and had to be closed. Thankfully the water is starting to recede. A lot of the water in this river has come because of the non stopping heavy rain that we had for 7 days that came into Warragambah Dam which is the major water supply for Sydney. 2 years ago the dam was at 20% capacity and on Friday evening it started to over flow. BTW if you have ever read a wonderful book called The Secret River by Kate Grenville. This is the river that is in the book. If you have ever been to The Blue Mountains from Sydney, this is the bridge that you would have crossed.

Now back to important things lol. This is my progress on The Tablet Sampler. The Tablet Sampler is a very big sampler and it is sometimes slow going. But I think that I am doing well. I have already ordered the frame for it as I had a $25 off voucher that I had to use so hopefully the frame will arrive around about the time that I finish the sampler.

As you can see I am back doing Commandments again. Thankfully the ones on this side are short and sweet. The one that I have already done is the longest. A few of them are only one liners so that is good.

Here is the other side with the lovely white flower. The flower is stitched in stem stitch that goes around and around. It is quite simple and looks beautiful.

I forgot to show you the last time that I posted my Ann Grant framed. She is sitting in my stitching chair for the photo. She now hangs on a little wall in my dining room. I was quite happy with the frame. The frame goes perfectly with the colours of Ann.

I don't know if you can see on the table behind the chair a collection of decanters. 2 of these belonged to my Great Grandmother. There are 3 altogether and I have them all. When I was little they used to be in a beautiful rosewood box. For some reason that I never figured out (maybe because she was young) my Mother decided that she would paint the box pink. Then she decided that she didn't like it so she threw the box away. I often used to tell her how much the whole thing would be worth if we still had it.

A few weeks ago I happened to be looking on ebay and I saw this lovely wooden sewing box and showed it to my DH. It was listed as being in Sydney. My DH put a bid and we won it. Imagine our surprise a little bit later when the auction had finished when we discovered that it was in Wentworth Falls. 2 villages away from where we live. We were able to pick it up the next day and it now holds all my sewing odds and sods.