Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Anne Grant Is Finished

I am sorry that I have been MIA again. There has been a lot of illness again in my house. We have been all battling the Flu and some of us have had serious bouts of it. My DH ended up with Pneumonia and one of my Sons ended up in Hospital as well with it. He was smart though. He went to the Hospital where they put him on a drip straight away with the anti-biotics in it. My DH went the other way and went to the Doctors. After nearly 3 weeks off from work, 5 trips to the Doctors and Chest Xrays. He is starting to feel better. My Son spent a few hours in Hospital and had a week off work. I think he took the best option. But you know men!!!!!!!!!!

The best thing though lol, is that my DH has told my youngest Son and myself not to go giving him the Flu as he has been told to keep right away from it all. Excuse me. Who gave it to us in the first place.

Remember in my previous post I told you about a very special Stacy Nash Club that my LNS was having. This is the second piece in the series. Isn't it beautiful. I really love it. I notice though that Stacy has bought other pieces out in design. It would be lovely to have them all. I think the flowers are different though in the Pin piece that she has brought out for general release. I think she must have loved this design.
This is the 2 Pin Keeps that are out so far.

Last month was my Mother's 81st birthday and it just seem appropriate to do this special Pin Keep. This is a "freebie" that is on the Pattern Mart website and the Design is by Pineberry Lane.

I also did this one as well. I thought that the verse was lovely. This is also a "freebie" and is by one of my favourite Designers - Needlework Press. The verse is:-

The only everlasting flower is virtue;
The only lasting Treasure Truth.

Also I was fortunate to win this wonderful velvet carrot and book on the Middle Tennessee Samplers on Carmen's blog called Cardan Antiques and Needlework There was also a packet of one of my favourite little flowers called Love In The Mist, but because I live in Australia and I knew that they wouldn't get through our Customs, I asked Carmen to give them to somebody else. Carmen very graciously sent me this wonderful collection of her designs. I have been a follower of Carmen's ever since she started blogging and I had long admired her designs especially 2 of them - Jane Thomas and Philadelphia Botting. I love Philadelphia Botting's name. Probably because I have discovered that I have a GGG Grandmother called Philadelphia Stevenson which is a bit of a mouthful lol. Wonderful name though.

The bush around where I live is looking really lovely. All the Wattle is out and it is glorious. I am waiting for the winds to come to blow all the pollen everywhere. My grey car usually ends up looking yellow. I am so looking forward to the arrival of Spring. We have had some lovely weather over the last few days. But unfortunately the rain is on it's way. I'm wondering if we will get any of the cold snowy weather that New Zealand is experiencing at the moment. That is unbelievable.

Before I go, I would like to thank you for stopping by and saying Hi. I love reading all of your comments.