Friday, June 26, 2009

A Sad Day

What an amazing day this is. I have been having a lot of trouble posting this, plus with my emails. I have heard that this is because of all the internet traffic since Michael Jackson passed away.

I would just like to say what an amazing musical talent, in fact quite a genius Michael Jackson was. My favourite song of his besides the songs of Thriller is a song that I have that was on a special CD that I bought when Princess Diana died. There was a beautiful song on there by Michael Jackson and it was called "Gone To Soon".
Well, below is my progress on Betsy. She is slowly getting there. I've worked the angels and I have done all the needle weaving of the blue behind the angels.
I am now in the verse. I have discovered a mistake from the chart to the photo. In the last word of the 3rd line is the word unexperienced. The C is missing from the word. It is the photo though. I don't know whether to follow the chart or follow the word.
I am still battling the boxes. I think I will be doing that for the next few weeks.
I know this is a short post but I have a lot going on at the moment. I hope you all have a lovely week.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Elizabeth is Framed

Well, as you can see I now have Elizabeth back and yesterday I framed her. I had to use just a plain frame as I couldn't find a style that I had used before when I framed Margaret Gibson.

Unfortunately after, I had finished framing it I discovered that the bottom wasn't quite straight. I had a lot to do yesterday, so I have decided that when I finish this job that I am doing at the moment I will undo Elizabeth and re do it. Besides this little problem I think she looks ok.

Betsy is coming along nicely. I finished the left side. I only have to do the black background in this bit, but that is left till last. I started working up the top and I thought I'd have a change from Queen stitch and free hand embroidery and do the arches with the angels etc.

It is funny doing freehand embroidery. You end up with funny looking birds etc. It is not as hard as I thought it would be. But if you can do all of the stitches, it is quite easy.
It is funny working on 25ct linen. I am so used to working either on 32ct over one or 40ct, but the Queen stitch and the over ones are a lot easier to do on the 25ct. I know parts of this sampler are hard to see at the moment, but when it is finished a lot of it will be surrounded by black.

A couple of my friends have asked what I am doing at the moment as I keep whinging about it. I have to cover 60 of these tissue boxes in 3 different types of wall paper. That is 20 boxes x 3 different wall papers equals 60. Plus the same in small boxes with lids.
Why I keep whinging is that I keep having trouble with the wall paper. This particular one is actually linen toile on wall paper. Because it is wet and misty up here I am having trouble getting it to stick properly. Also I don't particularly like having my fingers covered in glue all the time. It quite annoys me. Well I have done 10 of these so far so I just have 50 to go. 20 of the ones I have to do have to be done in decoupage. It usually takes me over an hour to cut out the motifs. As you can gather these wall paper types are very expensive. I am doing this work for a hotel that I used to work in many years ago. Every couple of years they get me to do some more to replace ones that are either stolen or need to be replaced. They are used in the bathroom when the hold tissues and cotton balls for the guests.
Anyway the boxes await me so I had better go and do some. Whinge, grumble, whinge lol.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Elizabeth is Finished

I have been having a "Happy Dance" time as Elizabeth is finished. I finished her over the long weekend. I haven't been able to frame her as yet, as my DH wanted to show it to a lady who he works with. Unfortunately she hasn't been to work this week, so I have to wait till next week to do it. All I hope is that he doesn't decide to sell it on me lol. No he won't do that.

I am now working on The Scarlet Letter's Betsy Davis. I seem to have a "thing" for Rhode Island Samplers especially the ones from The Mary Balach School. I think what makes them special for me is the way the background is worked.
The way of working this sampler is a bit different for me. I usually work from the middle out, but this one I had to work from the top left hand corner. I am about to finish the Queen stitch flowers on the left hand side of the column. The stems and leaves are all worked in freehand embroidery e.g. stem stitch and satin stitch. I think when I have finished the bud below the last flower I will work the arch that connects the columns so that I can do the Queen stitch flowers above the arch.

As you can see I also have Betsy Manchester. Depending on how I go with the other Betsy, she might be my next work. I think they would look spectacular hanging together.

I have been very cold over the last few days. We have had temperatures of minus 2 degrees C. On Wednesday, snow was forecasted, but unfortunately it only snowed higher up. Can you see the difference here. Snow here is a bit of a treat as we don't get much of it. I think though if I lived in the US or Canada the thought of snow would be a great pain in the you know where. But still I'm finding it very cold this year. My feet are like ice. Must be getting old lol. I used to have a Great Aunt and Uncle who lived 2 villages up. They had the right idea. As soon winter hit they moved up to the Gold Coast in Queensland for 3 months. Sounds like the perfect idea to me, but I don't think it will happen.
I hope you all have a lovely weekend and thank you for paying me a visit. I love hearing from you all.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The End is Very Near

Well, as you can see the end is nearly there for Elizabeth. Hopefully I will have her completely finished by the weekend. It is not until you really get up close to her to see how absolutely beautiful she is.

I noticed on the Scarlett Letter website the other day, that you can by the model of this sampler for $2,000 framed. I can understand why as there is so much work in it. I told my DH. He didn't seem to be impressed by this news (he's not a sampler lover) and told me "Good, don't give it away to anyone, we'll sell it". I think he has 2 chances of that happening lol.

I am looking forward to starting something new, but I can't make up my mind as usual. I don't know whether to sit down and finish my Beatrix Potter. I am over half way with her. Or to start something that I'm itching to do and that is Betsy Davis. Ah decisions, decisions. I will have to see what mood I am in when I finish Elizabeth.