Monday, September 10, 2007

More Photos

Hopefully this will be the last post. You can tell I'm not used to doing this. Thank you Louie for helping me.

The next one is a sampler that was in a very old Just Cross Stitch magazine from many moons ago. The other photo is of my other love Hardanger. I have made and given my mum quite a few hardanger pieces. This one is currently in her lounge room. She also collects Ladro and has a few pieces. In fact quite a few.

This will do for today. I have a few more photos but will keep them for another day. You can tell the difference with the photo's that my son posted and the ones I did. Mine has the stuff on the bottom. Oh well I'm learning. The last photo is for Karen and anyone who is reading Don Quixote. All I can say about him is that he is a large piece of Ladro and is very Beautiful.

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