Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Where's The Sheep?

I'm sorry if these photo's are a little bit dark today. It is very overcast here at the moment and I can't get any better photos. Winter is on the way. Extra blankets are being put onto beds. In fact 2 days last week we had our fire alight. It was all nice and cosy when that was going.

This is my current progress on Grazing Sheep by Scarlet Letter. It is such a glorious sampler. I keep raving about the colours that are in it, but they are worth raving about.

As you can see I figured out the border. It is very pretty and looks quite lacy.

Judy from Crazy 4 Books asked the other day where were the sheep. Well, here is one slowly appearing. I am now back into over ones and I am half way up a tree at the moment, but I thought this morning that I would quickly do the outline of one of the sheep to prove that they are there. There are 7 sheep altogether. I noticed that 2 of them have dark faces.
While I was stitching this sheep this morning I was remembering one of my trips to England where we drove around for a month and we travelled over a few of the Moors e.g. Dartmoor and Yorkshire in Bronte Country. The sheep with the dark faces reminded me of the Yorkshire Moors. I was also remembering going on the first day of this expedition to Salisbury Cathedral and seeing Jane Austen's resting place. Ah memories. I quite enjoyed visiting a lot of English Cathedral's and Churches. I always remember visiting one Cathedral where they were having a choir practice. Beautiful. I am very partial to listening to choir boys. They voices of angels.
We have had a lovely long weekend for Easter. It was lovely as I saw my other 2 Sons and lovely DIL. It was lovely to spend some time together. The Easter Bunny paid a visit and eggs were enjoyed by everyone. Hopefully the waist bands don't expand to much.
On the knee front everything is slowly getting back to normal. Although I had a bit of a fright a little while ago when I nearly tripped over. Knee is a bit sore now. I just have to be careful with what I do.
Thank you to Deb from Lavender Rose Ramblings for giving me a Sunshine Award for my blog. I have tried to cut and paste it onto this posting but for some reason it won't work for me.
I have to nominate 12 other people for this award, but the way I am going today, I don't think it will work so I would like to nominate everybody who kindly visits me. Your comments and thoughts really mean a lot to me. Thank you.
Well, my youngest is on School Holidays again for 2 weeks. There goes to the peace and quiet. Although it is good that he is able to help me.
In case you are wondering where Hannah Lancaster is, I am taking a small break from working on her on Sundays to allow my friend Tawny who leads a very busy life to catch up with me. I am more of a lady of leisure at the moment. Hannah will be back again in a couple of weeks. I have been working on Grazing Sheep instead.