Friday, April 6, 2012

Ta Dah

Thank you to everybody for your kind comments regarding my beautiful sampler.  I took these late yesterday afternoon and hadn't decided where to hang it.  It is now hanging at the end of the hall way along with some of my Dutch samplers

As I said yesterday I really enjoyed working on this sampler except for a couple of places lol.  Besides cross stitch there is also stem stitch,;  satin stitch and tent stitch.  The sampler is stitched on 40ct Antique White linen and I used the charted DMC selection.  If you have in mind to do this sampler remember that it is quite big in fact it is huge and that you need more than a fat quarter.  Also be careful where you start.  I would only start it 2 inches from the top otherwise you will end up like I did.

You might be wondering what happened to the green line that was around it.  Well, because I had a $25 off voucher that expired at the end of February, I decided to go and order it from the Framing Warehouse where I get my frames from.  I had worked out all of the dimensions so that I knew exactly how big it would be.

But unfortunately the man who measured it misunderstood what I wanted and measured it so that the green line was hidden underneath the frame.  I think at the time that he was more interested in getting me to bring it back when I had finished it and getting him to frame the whole thing.  At nearly $300 that wasn't going to happen.  But the green line turned out to be a good guide and I don't think that he could have done any better.

Have a wonder Easter break.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Dance Time

 Well, as you can I have finally finished The Tablet Sampler by Scarlet Letter.  It is such a beautiful sampler and I really enjoyed working on it except for 2 Commandments lol.  If the 2 long ones were as short of the others it would have really enjoyed it more.  But when you think of it, if the 2 long ones weren't there, we wouldn't have the glorious floral border.

Because this sampler is so big, it is really hard to show it in all of its glory.  This is the top section that I just finished

and this is it in all of its stunning glory.  Isn't it beautiful.

I have the frame and I am going to frame it either later today or tomorrow.

I would like to wish you all a lovely Easter and I hope that you get a lot of stitching in.  Tomorrow is Good Friday here and  I hope to get start my new piece.

Thank you for dropping by and saying hi.  Hope the Easter Bunny is good to you lol.