Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Christmas Decorations

These are some of my Christmas decorations that I have made and collected over the years. I love angels, sheep and Father Christmas's. The angel and Rudolf are from The Stitcher. The sheep us from JCS Christmas Ornaments from a few years ago. (I'm too lazy to go and check which issues,

And the Santa's are both from an old issue of The Stitcher.
I love both of these one is fat and the other is skinny. I usually put these out at Christmas with my growing Nutcracker Collection. Unfortunately my house is not that large and where I used to put my Christmas Tree my husband has put the computer. I'll have to get a small tree so that I can put it up on my coffee table. I usually try to decorate the house with other things. But I have to admit that I do miss my tree. Last year I made a couple of ornaments to put away for "whenever" but one of sons kept asking me for them to give away to people as presents. I had these beautiful red angels with lavender inside that he gave away. I'll have to make myself some more before Christmas this year.


Squazi said...

I love your Christmas ornaments, they are so well finished.

Yuko said...

I love your ornaments! especialy those two like statue which you call fat one and skinny one, lol
They are really nice!
And the same situation, my house doesn't have a place a big tree, so I have only small tree for myself, but someday in the near future I want have big one and want to decorate with my stitching ornaments!!

Squazi said...

Hope you had a quiet day with the total fire ban. Our brigade was busy with a fire lit just behind the station. Thankfully that's been taken care of and tomorrow will see a milder day. Let's hope the firefighters around the state have some relief with the cool change.