Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Postman has been

I had a lovely surprise today. After I can back from rushing one of my sons up to the rural fire station for an urgent call out I discovered that the postman had been and left me a lovely surprise.

I had sent Joanie an old JCS magazine with the Virtue Sampler in it and she has sent me back 2 samplers that were on my wish list. They are both from Scarlet Letter. One is Margaret Gibson 1839 and the other is Marion Robertson 1834. They are both Scottish samplers and I have admired them both for a long time. She also sent me a couple of smaller charts which I quite like

After I settled down from all the excitement of rushing to catch fire engines which by the way turned out to be a false alarm. The fire was supposed to be somewhere near where I live, which at the time was a real worry. When I sat down with a cup of tea I had a real good look and thought how amazing they were. I don't know which one to do first although I am leaning towards Margaret Gibson for some reason.

I would just like to say to Joanie (I have sent her an e-mail) how thrilled and excited I am to receive her generous gift. I hope that she enjoys working on the True Virtue sampler as much as I did.

I thought I'd show you my small collection of Just Nan ornaments. I have made them into Christmas ornaments. I think I have another one to do somewhere. I think they are lovely. My favourite is the one with the fairy in the front.
My youngest son took this photo of the parrots in our plum tree the other day. The big beautiful one with the red and green feathers is a male King Parrot. The female is just plain green. They usually mate for life. The other one is a Crimson Rozella. We always have lots of parrots in our garden. I have a few fruit trees and they like getting amongst them although I have 2 cherry trees and we have to fight them to get a feed.


Barbara said...

Lovely Samplers Joanie sent you. The ornaments are so pretty.

Claudia said...

I love your blog!!! You stitched wonderful masterpieces: everything here is so elegant!!!!
I love your stockings (me too, I have my collection!!!) and your ornaments. They are gorgeous!!

Jaimie said...

The Just Nan ornaments are lovely! I think I need to stitch a few of those!

Moffitt the Prophet said...

Hi Mum,

the garden looks overgrown :p

Lelia said...

Awesome SL patterns. And your ornaments are beautiful : )

I cannot imagine having parrots in our yard. I bet they are fun to watch!

Kajsa said...

Love the ornaments! Very pretty!

Wish I had parrots in the backyard. We only have blackbirds and the red tailed hawk that tries to catch them.

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Oh, so much to comment on! Your garden and the parrots! I love parrots...though you may think of them as pesky little cherrie stealers sometimes, I bet they're so wonderful to watch as they interact. I would just die to enjoy that. Your Just Nan's turned to Christmas ornies are beautiful! Wow! Love them. And your reproduction sampler charts are so interesting...I think it's going to be such fun to see which you choose to stich and how it comes along. I'm going to be a frequent visitor to your blog form now on!