Monday, June 8, 2015

Eleanor Parr and more photos from England

My goodness time flies since my last post.  I gave been working on my Eleanor Parr.  Eleanor is a very big girl even on 40ct.  I'm working her with DMC as charted.  Eleanor is a sampler that isn't a quick stitch.  She's very time consuming as there are a lot of colour changes especially where the birds are. 

Thought that you might to see a few more photos from our trip to England.  After we came back from France we hired a car for 3 weeks and had a wonderful time.  These are a few of them the photos that are on my iPad.  Will have to transfer more over to it.  It was wonderful to be back in a England.  The last time I was here was 30 years ago and it was if I had only been there the previous year.  My DH had never been before.

One of the places I always wanted to go to was Herstmonceux as that's where Hestera Harmer came from.  Also my GGG Grandfather.   I love taking photos of Churches. 

I have a thing for grave stones in a Church yard.  Sadly the best ones that we saw were in spots where we couldn't stop.  My DH started complaining about the ABC's ....... Another bloody church 😄

I have always liked going to Brighton and have been there a few times.  You can't go to Brighton without going to the pier.

Have always loved English beaches that are all stones.  So different from the beautiful sandy beaches from Australia.  I have a stone from here.  I seem to collect stones from beaches.  I gave one that I picked up from my very first trip to England a long time ago.  It was from Merlins Cave in Cornwall.  Even on a cold December day there were people sitting on the beach catching a few Rays.

The Brighton Pavillion.  Such a fascinating place.

Arundel Castle where the Dukes of Norfolk live.  Couldn't get close to it as there was a Christmas Fair around the Castle. 

Stonehenge.  So different from previous visits.  You used to be able to walk amongst them and park across the road. 

The Roman Baths in Bath.

One of my favourite places in Cornwall is St Ives.  Have always loved Cornwall.  I think it's a combination of reading and falling in love with all of Daphne du Maurier's books and Winston Graham's Poldark.  Have just throughly enjoyed watching the new series of Poldark.  Cornwall is at her best in this one. 

We stayed in some amazing places on our trip away and in St Ives we stayed in a wonderful spot.  It was right on the water.  This  was our view from our balcony.  The sound of the sea lapping on the rocks was very relaxing.  Lots of the towns in Cornwall have very narrow streets and St Ives is one of them.  Gets very hairy when another car is coming.


Ellen said...

Elizabeth is looking great! You sure pick some beautiful samplers to stitch.

I so enjoyed seeing the photos of your trip to England. Thank you for taking me along through your photos.

Patti-Rocky Mtn Stitcher said...

Your sampler is gorgeous. Makes it hard for me to resist getting one also. Your pictures of England make me "homesick" for it. We go visit my husbands family a lot of I miss the country feel of it all. I look forward to seeing your Eleanor grow.