Monday, March 23, 2015

Jane and Hestera are Framed and the Bayeux Tapestry

I thought that you might like to see Jane, now that she is finished and hanging in my hall way.  I was going to hang her next to Rebecca, but the Men in the house thought that she would look better hanging in the hallway.  Jane is a lot bigger than Rebecca.  Rebecca hangs on a wall with The Tablet Sampler and Harriet Burry which are of a similar size.  Anything for a quiet life lol.

I have also framed Hestera Harmer.  I was very lucky with the frame.  My Sister and Dad downsized and she gave me some prints that she didn't want that were in beautiful walnut burled frames.  Hestera looks wonderful in it.

Now that I have finished Jane, I now working on the beautiful Eleanor Parr by Scarlet Letter.  I fell in love with this sampler when Nicola showed me.  I love the bird border and the two girls remind me of Jane Austen for some reason.  Are they Jane and Cassandra, or Eleanor and  Marianne or even Lizzy and Jane.  Sisters.  I'm working my Eleanor on my favourite 40ct Antique White linen and the DMC threads as charted.  She really looks beautiful in this version.  I can see where Marsha was coming from.  The sampler was charted from the reverse side of the antique sampler.

While we were in France my husband and I spent an amazing Sunday afternoon in Bayeux.  I have never been there before and had always wanted to see the Bayeux Tapestry.  What an amazing thing it is.  So so beautiful and for its age it is totally amazing.  It was made to go in Bayeux Cathedral which is pictured for Bishop Odo who was William The Conquerers half brother.  The other photos are also in Bayeux.  What a pretty town.  I loved the water wheel.  There are also a lot of graves and memorials there.  These are from WWII.  I think that it's very important for us to remember these amazing young men and women who have laid down their lives for us in all theatres of war.  What a horrible word it is.

Thank you for stopping by.  2 posts in 2 days.  Amazing.  


marly said...

Oh my what a border. Your sampler choices have great details, look wonderful framed. Enjoyed the photos too.

Margaret said...

I am so in love with your Jane! She is gorgeous! LOVE your Eleanor start! So so pretty! I'm wondering if I can handle that border. So much detail -- not my favorite kind of stitching. Sigh. That Bayeux Tapestry -- thanks for sharing the pics. I've seen pics of the tapestry, but not how it is displayed. Now I know. So cool!

Melissa said...

What a treat to see your beautiful work, and a bonus to see your visit to France!

Lee Fisher said...

Absolutly gorgeous stitching....and France! Wow. So beautiful, thank you for sharing both your talent and your trip!