Monday, February 2, 2009

Jitterbug Dance Time

Its happy dance time with Sarah Moon or as Vonna kindly called it "Jitterbug Dance Time".

But first I have been working over the last few days on m Elizabeth Cox from Scarlet Letter. I love the olives and the grey/blues in this one. At the moment I am in the part which is all stem stitch and long and short stitch, with a bit of satin stitch in the top leaves. It doesn't look like I have done that much, but believe me there is many many hours of work in the leaves. The 2 olive leaves beside the name took me around 4 hours to do. They are filled in with stem stitch. The part below all this is the part that is going to be interesting as it all has to be back stitched out and then filled in with the 3 stitches above. In other words it is going to be "very interesting".

Well now to Sarah. I think she is a beautiful sampler. I love all the colours that are in her. I still haven't decided where to place her when I sit down and frame her. I had thought of either putting her in my hall way or above one of my son's bed. He currently has a collection of small samplers there that I quickly did to replace the ones that my eldest son had there. I was thinking of removing all the small ones, putting Sarah Moon there instead. My only concern is that it is such a big sampler that it might become to heavy there and fall off the wall while DS is asleep and hit him on the head. Don't know what I am going to do with the small ones though. That is the problem I have living in a small house.

My goodness it has been hot here. Although thankfully not as hot as in Melbourne and Adelaide. But at least because I am in the Mountains we don't get the humidity as they do in Sydney. We can also get a good nights sleep. I believe tomorrow and the next few days are going to be even hotter. I hope I don't have to go down to Sydney then.

I would also like to say thank you for all your lovely comments regarding my work. It is lovely to know that what I do is admired and appreciated by others. If I don't leave comments on your blog, please excuse me. I keep having a lot of trouble with stupid computers. I don't know if it is Mozilla that I use or what but after about 10 minutes all I get is blank pages. The screen tells me that whatever I have clicked on is done but there is nothing there. It does it on a couple of the computers. It is such a pain. Sometimes I get lucky and I am able to leave a comment and at other times I can read a blog but I can't get into the "Leave a comment" section.

Anyway thank you again. I really appreciate it. I hope that you all have a lovely week and that the weather is kind to you all.


Suzanne said...

Congratulations on your beautiful finish! Elizabeth is looking beautiful and I can believe with that specialty stitching it would take quite a long time to get a small amount stitched.

I agree it's been hot, but thankfully not as bad as Adelaide and Melbourne. However, looking at the forcast for the rest of the week, it looks like we are in for some terrible weather. We are all getting cranky at each other, no one can sleep properly and my daughter is suffering from 'cabin fever' from not being able to go outside and play.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Cox is looking gorgeous! I love the combination of colours in her.

And Sarah Moon, well, what can I say - just beautiful! Congratulations!

Karoline said...

Congratulations on finishing Sarah, she's gorgeous

Vonna said...

Ooh my...she's just stunning...although I don't know if it would be good of her to give your son a concussion! :o)
I'm sure wherever she may go...she shall shine like the brightest of stars!

Barb said...

Just wanted to tell you your work is lovely and congrats on your finish.

Elizabeth Cox will be stunning. Someday I hope to do something from the Scarlet Letter. I haven't done this kind of work in years!

Jeanne - WillowTreeStitcher said...

Hello Sandra - I'm a new visitor to your blog which I really enjoyed reading today. I see you have a picture of the American Sampler in your banner - oh it so beautiful. I took a class for it a few years back but haven't worked on it in a long time - mine is not very far along. :) Thanks for some reading tips - I recently purchased and viewed Cranford (hated seeing it end!)so I am interested in checking out some of the authors you mentioned you like.

Ranae said...

Two gorgeous pieces there.
Everytime I see Scarlet Letter chart, I hear it calling my name.

Kathy A. said...

Im doing the Jitterbug Dance with you. congrats on a huge finish!!! I so love and admire your work

Siobhan said...

Elizabeth is looking beautiful! CONGRATULATIONS on Sarah Moon! She is absolutely stunning! You must be so thrilled with the finish. I have it started but on darker linen. After seeing yours, I might restart it. Congrats!

Lapplisor said...

Dear Sandra
I am enthusiastic by your being able.
Also your new work becomes very beautiful.
My mother could work this embroidery also very perfectly.
I look forward to see more.
I wish you a beautiful weekend.

Crazee4books said...

Dear Sandra,

Read about the fires on CNN.
Are you and your family okay
where you are???


Crazee4books said...

Hi Sandra,

Congratulations on finishing
Sarah Moon. She is truly
spectacular and I can't wait
to see a picture of her all
framed. I guess you could
hang her on the wall above
your son's bed, but use extra
strong nails or something to
hang her with. At least you
don't have to worry about
earthquakes or anything like
that knocking her off the wall.

Am so relieved to hear that you
aren't near those horrible fires
down around Victoria. Such a
horrible tragedy. And it's bad
enough when these things are
caused by lightning or something
natural, but when it's a man made
deliberately set fire you've got
to wonder about the mental stability of such a person. Hope that the weather changes soon and the temperatures start going down.

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around $45.00 to over $100.00
Canadian. Not sure how that would
translate to Australian money.
They do have great deals for free
books when you renew your membership
or first join the club, and the
books are gorgeous. Then, through-
out the year other great deals are
offered. It's worth looking into
if you love nice books and want
to build a collection of great

I've been googling Katoomba and
the Blue Mountains, to see what
the area of Australia you live
in is like. It looks beautiful!
Have you lived in that area for

Love seeing your stitching