Friday, January 23, 2009

A Sarah Moon Update

Well, as you can see, Sarah Moon is nearly done. I only have a couple of motifs to do then it will be "Happy Dance" time.

I have been concentrating on just this one as I have found a large frame for her and I don't want the glass to be broken. So hopefully this time next week she will be hanging somewhere in the house. I haven't decided where yet, but I have a few ideas.

I also thought I'd show you one of my china dolls that I made many, many years ago. When I finished working on her I gave her to my Mum as a present. She has lived in my Mum's bedroom for many years and a few months ago I bought her home to live with me.

When I was in my china doll period I made around 6 dolls. It was something that I really enjoyed doing, but I decided that as with all things I had enough so I ceased making them.

She is a German bisque doll called "Hilda" in case you were wondering. Usually she is a baby doll, but when I dressed her, I made a little dress for her, and dressed her as a small girl.

We have been having a lot of hot weather over the last week or so. I think tomorrow and Monday (Australia Day) are going to be very hot. We have had a few small bush fires in the mountains and down at the bottom of the mountains. As with every year, we are just waiting for the " big one". I always have a bag packed with photo's etc. that if something happens I can grab as I grab the dog and rush out the door. I was just sitting thinking if I had to do a exit quick which samplers would I throw into the car. I am still thinking about it, so maybe next time I will show you the ones that I would take. I know for a fact that my Dutch Beauty would be first on the list as there is no way I could do that one again LOL.

Next week is the last week that my son is home on holidays. Yipee she says. No just kidding. But it would be nice to be on my own again during the day. I find that I get more housework done.


Lapplisor said...

Dear Sandra
I am enthusiastic!
You terminated a wonderful work directly.
I wish you a good place for decorating.
These colors are as fresh and light as the summer.
Your doll pleases me. It is a doll of the company " Schildkröt " ?
It carries a beautiful dress.

I send you greetings from a cold Germany.
Hopefully the shrub fires of you keep themselves far…

Vonna said...

It is gorgeous and I shall be doing the jitterbug with you when the last motifs are done...brilliant job!

Suzanne said...

This sampler is just amazing and you have done well. I love your doll, she is very cute.

I am so over this hot weather, although next week seems to be getting a little cooler. We are also waiting for 'the big one'. It's been nearly 10 years since the last major fire that affected a good many people in the mountains. Lets just hope that you are spared this year.

I was thinking this morning about what I would take from my stash if we had to leave our house and I think I would have some serious problems deciding. But, as we only have a small amount of bushland next to our house, I don't think we would come to that.

I said to my husband, if the bush next to our house caught alight, I would probably send the girls across the road and then don all my fire fighting gear and protect the house on my own. Let's just hope it never comes to that.

Hope you have a great weekend. We might head up to Karen's on Sunday now that they are open everyday.

Kathy A. said...

Your sampler is so lovely. I love all the colors -it makes the motifs really pop. Look forward to sharing your happy dance.
You know DH and I talked about the airplane that went into the river last week the day before we flew home.
I asked him if we had to get off the plane could I take my stitching bag. he looked at me as if I had two heads! They just don't get it

Ele said...

Just wonderful Sandra, a gorgeous sampler in such beautiful colours!

Have a nice weekend and happy stiching time


Katrina said...

Love your Sarah Moon.

Take care, I hope the weather cools a bit and fires are no longer an issue.

Yuko said...

Dear Sandra,
Hi!! How have you been doing?
Your Sarah is SO beautiful, I'm exciting to see her completed piece hanging on the wall somewhere in your house!!!
Sarah is one of my favourite design, and I'm dreaming to stitch it one day in the future! (but maybe very in the far future!)

Crazee4books said...

Hi Sandra,

Greetings from the Great White
and Still Frozen North!!!

Yup! It's Friday night and
we're still without a working
furnace. The parts were
delivered today though, and
tomorrow afternoon the techies
come to install them and get
the thing up and running again.

Thanks to the fireplace and the
heaters the house in general is
around 17 Celsius, although I'm
sure it's cooler here in the
computer room. I'm wearing
several layers of warm wooly
things and trying not to touch
the desk, which is chilly.

Oh boy. You're so close to a
finish on Sarah Moon, aren't
you. What a wonderful piece
this is with all the colourful
motifs. How exciting to be
on the verge of a happy dance

You really are a lady of many
talents, aren't you?? Making
dolls too. This little lady
is so sweet and she is wearing
the prettiest dress. When you
made your dolls did you start
right from scratch making the
heads, hands and feet with the
liquid porcelain and a mold??

I have a couple of porcelain
dolls, including one that I
brought back from England after
one of my trips about 30 (!!)
years ago. I also have a few
small dolls that I've gotten
as gifts or collected over the
years. I'll have to post some
pictures on my blog sometime.

I'm sorry, but the thought of a
fire and all your lovely things
being so close to one another
made my heart skip a beat. If
I were you I'd load the car
with all my finished stitching
and other treasures and have it
ready to drive off with if
necessary, which God forbid!!!

If you'd like to siphon off a
bit of heat and ship it up here
I'll catch some cold in a jar
and send it down to you. It's
going to be quite cold here
this weekend so we'll have
plenty to spare.

I got a shipment of books from
the Folio Society today and I'm
so excited. One is Kidnapped
by Robert Louis Stevenson. I've
ordered Dracula from them, but
it's out of stock and will come
later. Don't you love have a
new pile of books to dive into
and explore??? I'll post
pictures on my next blog post.

Cheers for now. Stay safe and
keep cool!

Cindy F. said...

Sarah Moon is so beautiful with all it's pretty colors! It's going to be amazing hanging in your home:)
Such a pretty china doll! You are so talented:)
Hope you don't get any fires! Between stitchings and photos, they'd probably have to drag me out of our house because I'd be running through it trying to grab as much as possible!

RuthB said...

Beautiful, simply beautiful. Then again, all your work is. :)

Congrats on teh near finish.

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Sandra, dear!! Sarah Moon is absolutely fabulous. So beautiful and what an accomplishment. It's going to be a framed masterpiece in your home. Congratulations! Hugs, Deb

Maren said...

You have done this beautiful sampler justice with all those bright and cheerful colors. Good job!