Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Elizabeth Update

Elizabeth is slowly coming along. I am looking forward to finishing this row of stem stitch, long and short stitch and back stitch. I love the olive greens. Would you believe there is 3-4 shades of olive green in the leaves.

Below this there is a farm scene with a farm house, buildings, fields, trees etc. I think it will take me a little while to get it all worked out before I get down to the nitty gritty of it all. In other words it is very interesting. There is also a little bit of cross stitch among this part of the sampler.

I haven't done any work on Beatrix Potter for the SAL this month as I have been concentrating on Elizabeth. I noticed that we only have to post 10 posts instead of 12 which is good for me. Knowing me though I might come to a point with Elizabeth where I need a break and I will end up concentrating on Beatrix. I already have the frame and the spot picked out for her. I was going to hang her with Sarah Moon and An Emblem of Love. I thought I'd hang all my Quakers together.

Well we are still having crazy weather. Last week it got so cold in the mountains that we had to light our fire. It certainly is a crazy country at the moment. Floods in the north, bushfires in the south and 4 different seasons in the middle of the country. No wonder my youngest son has been ill with a bad dose of the flu.

Had a nice weekend, my middle son turned 21 on Sunday. We travelled down to Sydney to spend the day with the birthday boy at my Dad's and Sisters. My eldest came along, but unfortunately my DIL had to work so she couldn't be there. The only problem was with the birthday boy. He plays lawn bowls and was playing in a district championship on Saturday. He and his partners won all their games on Saturday and had to play on Sunday. They won all their games on Sunday as well. They now have to play in the semi-finals next Sunday.

After all that we only saw him for about half an hour before we had to leave, as his brother had an appointment and we had to give him a lift.

Thank you for all your lovely comments regarding my work. I try to visit people and leave a comment, but I keep finding that I keep getting side tracked and before I know it the day is nearly gone.


Suzanne said...

Elizabeth is really looking beautiful. Taking a closer look at the photos, I can see how much work is involved.

I agree the weather is very strange. Hot, cold then humid, it's all a little too much for me. I hope your son feels better soon and that no one else gets sick.

Look at my blog, I have given you an award.

Cindy F. said...

Elizabeth is amazing!! Beautiful stitching!
Hope your ds is feeling better and Happy Birthday to your 21 yr old!

Kathy A. said...

Elisabeth is very beautiful. Nic eprogress

Aussie Stitcher said...

Hope your son had a great birthday. Elizabeth is looking beautiful, so much work involved in her, you inspire me.

Crazee4books said...

Hi Sandra,

It's fascinating watching your
progress on Elizabeth Cox. She's
so different from the usual cross
stitch projects that we see in
this community. It looks like a
lot more work then our standard
cross stitch projects too.

I'm getting behind in my blog
commenting too, and won't be
getting too caught up this week
because I'm going to bed earlier
then normal to catch up the sleep
I lost Sunday night.

Yes, I stayed up until the bitter
end of the Academy Awards on
Sunday night. It ended at 5
minutes to midnight, which is
rather brutal for someone like
me who has to be up for work at
5:30 the next morning.

But I wanted to see how Hugh
Jackman would do as host, and
was actually very impressed. He
was entertaining, charming and
made it all look effortless. And
boy does he fill a tux nicely!

I loved how they had five previous
winners giving out the awards for
best actor/actress etc. That was
so cool. The production numbers
were pretty good too.

Did you watch any of the show???
I haven't watched it for a few
years and wasn't planning on
staying up for the whole thing,
but I was curious to see who was going to present for the acting awards and who would win the major awards.

I wasn't too bad at work on Monday
in spite of the five and a half
hours of sleep but that might be
because I was off last week and
was therefore well rested.

What a mixed up mess your weather
is!! Is this somewhat normal or
is all the floods/fires/cold
spells a major change in climate??

Hope your youngest son has
gotten over the worst of his
flue. Wasn't he the one with the
pneumonia awhile ago???

And good luck to your middle son
with his lawn bowls tournament.
Hope he and his partners can go
all the way to the top!


Ranndy Stone said...

Who is your middle son who is such a great young lawn bowls player? I hope he knows all about the new bowls website for young bowlers ... and even old bowlers ... lol. It is http://my.sportingpulse.com/ranndystone. Please ask him to "drop in" some time.

Ranae said...

Elizabeth is gorgeous and sounds even better then that. I am so behind in reading and commenting too, it don't take long, lol