Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ah Some Cross Stitch At Last

Well as you can see Elizabeth is s l o w l y growing into something that I think will be spectacular. In case you are wondering what those 2 pointy things are they are hay stacks. They took quite a while to fill in with stem stitch. I like the way that when you do stem stitch row upon row it ends up looking as if it is knitted.

The little house besides the hay stacks is in cross stitch. Yipee, finally I get to do some and then the tree (yes it is a tree) is filled in with French knots. Also a good hour of so to do. The next building besides the hay stacks will be done in satin stitch and yes, yes, yes more cross stitch with 2 trees that are done in it.

I have taken a photo of a photo of the sampler all ready finished so that you can see what it will end up looking like. I am sorry about the surrounds of the photo. I had a little trouble with the paint program on the computer. Everytime I tried to cut it out the whole thing moved so I thought :stuff it" the whole thing can go in.

I am lucky with this sampler because when I was young I used to do a lot of embroidery on tablecloths etc. It is all coming in hand.

For all my friends that I have made in Victoria, I hope you are safe today. In case you didn't know the bush fires are still burning hot and strong down there. Today has been classified as an extreme fire day and a lot of townships are in a lot of danger today due to very strong winds fanning the fires towards them this afternoon and this evening. Yesterday, people in Victoria received a text from the Government to prepare to evacuate.

In case you were wondering about my Son who plays bowls. He played in 2 big games over the weekend. His team won the Pennants game on Saturday. He was made Man of the Match which made him happy. On Sunday he had the big game from the week before. It was the State President's Fours Championship in their Zone. He and his 3 partners ended up playing in the Finals where the ended up being the Runners Up. The winning team was also from his Club. It was a team which contained Australian Champions and World Champions. So he did good. We are all very proud of him.

Now I have received 2 lovely awards. It is always nice to be appreciated. The first one is from Suzanne from Squazi and The Chickens.

This award is for Friendship. I met Suzanne a few years ago via blogging. Suzanne lives at the bottom of the mountain where I live. I have never had the pleasure so far of actually meeting her and her beautiful daughters, but we have a common link which is The Stitching Post our local Needlework store. Apparently we have had many close encounters but as yet haven't actually met. Maybe one day.

I am supposed to hand this award on to 5 other ladies who I have made friends with via blog land, but I notice that they have all received this award. But I will tell you the names of a few lovely ladies who I have become really good friends with.

The first one is Judy of Crazy4books Joanie of Joanie's World, Deb of Lavender Rose Ramblings, Kathy of Kathy's Sit and Stitch and finally my friend Robyn who doesn't blog that often. Her blog is called is called Rambling Rose Stitchery.

Then Judy from Crazy 4 books also nominated me for another award which is Best Blogging Comments Award. Seeing that I am starting to have a lot of trouble doing all these award things I think I had better stop while I am ahead. I also had 2 little logos for the above Awards and they seems to have disappeared. I would like to nominate all of you lovely ladies who are so gracious and leave lovely comments on my blog regarding my work.

It is always lovely to be appreciated for what you enjoy doing. I always regard my samplers like my children. I usually spend such a long time with one and as with our children it is always lovely have them praised.


Анна - Зонт said...

Wonderful work. I have not embroidered itself in such a technique, and I will follow with great interest the process.

Cindy F. said...

Your progress on Elizabeth is gorgeous!! Beautiful stitches!
I am praying for everyone in Victoria to be safe and not lose their homes.
Congratulations to your son!! That is so exciting!
and congrats on winning your awards:)
Hope your week is wonderful!

Suzanne said...

This is truely a wonderful piece of embroidery. It will make a spectacular sampler with all those specialty stitching. I would really love to see this one up close and personal when finished.

DH will be coming back already as there has been quite a bit of rain on the fire front where he was stationed. He has the uneviable job of driving the truck back. He and another guy from our brigade will make the sixteen hour drive back.

Great news that your son won Man of the Match and that his team did so well.

I am glad that you enjoyed the award. I do consider you a friend, even if we have never met. I will have to try and fix that this year and meet at Karen's shop one day.

Look after yourself and have a good week.

Joanie said...

Oh,you sweetie! Thanks for the award! You are a wonderful friend!

Your Elizabeth is gorgeous! I am in awe of your embrodiery skills! SO beautiful!

I hope and pray that everyone in the firezones are safe! And congratulations on you son's bowling acheivements!

The Scarlett House said...

Oh my, that piece is absolutely stunning. I can't wait to see more and more. Thank you so much for stopping by TSH and leaving a comment. I have you bookmarked and will be adding you to my links.

Glenna said...

Lovely, lovely sampler--I'm thinking it's a Scarlet Letter sampler?

Crazee4books said...

Hi Sandra,

I've been spending this afternoon
doing a little stitching and then
doing a little blogging. I put
my back out a bit earlier today
and so now have a little kink in
it down towards the hip. Most
annoying. Decided to skip house
work today in case I aggravated it.
Uh huh. That's my story, and I'm
sticking to it ... until something
better comes along.

Oh my goodness!! I'm looking at
the picture of the finish of
Elizabeth Cox and it's enormous!!
That whole section below where
you're stitching is completely
filled in with stitching!!!
Holy Cow!! You must have the patience of a saint to be able
to stitch this sort of thing

Thank you for the Friendship
Award Sandra. It's been such
a pleasure to get to know you
through blogging and to get to
see the amazing stitching that
you do. Well out of my league
and skill range, but I enjoy
seeing your projects come to

Hope things around Victoria
have eased up considerably
re: the fires. What an incredible
and heartbreaking situation it is.
I don't know how people can pick
up and go on after going through
something like that. But
Australians are well known for
their strength and determination
in times of crisis. And their
ability to overcome adversity.

I didn't realize that Hugh
Jackman got his start as the
lead in Beauty and the Beast
in Australia. Cool. We saw
that show here many moons ago
and it was quite fun. I seem
to recall that Hugh Jackman
starred in the revival of
Oklahoma in London and that
was the start of his internat-
ional fame. He's such a
versatile actor.

Hope you've had a great weekend
and all is well for you and your

Cheers for now!

kittyscarlett said...

Hello, I discover you blog today and I'm very pleased to see your samplers as I'm doing one also. I'll come back ;o)

Maren said...

Wow, how lovely! That is really shaping into a beautiful piece of work!

Congratulations on your well-won awards! :)

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Thank you for the friendship recognition, Sweetie. I count you the same in my book, too!

Your Elizabeth is coming along beautifully. I'm loving the contrast of the deep reds and the goldens. It's going to be a spectacular finish, Sandra.
Hugs, Deb