Monday, August 25, 2008

Strawberries Are Very Addictive

Over the weekend I made something that I have always liked and have always wanted to have a go at making. I made myself some strawberry pincushions and I found them quite addictive. I made 8. 4 of them have emery powder and the other four have just wadding. 2 are covered with golden beads and the rest are just covered with 3 running stitches. I think they are lovely.

I found the pattern a long time ago on the Martha Stewart website. I hope the link works.

Some of them have different shaped tops as I felt like being a bit different. They are so easy to make. All of mine are made by hand. In other words I didn't use the sewing machine.

As you can see Kitty is now called Elizabeth Welfare, 1806, Sussex. Elizabeth was my GGG Grandmother and she continues my collection of samplers dedicated to my Grandmothers. When I finish her I will group the other 2 samplers that I have done so you can see them.

I really haven't done that much as I haven't been feeling very well over the last week. I have one of those backs that if I sneeze the wrong way I end up in agony. The past week was one of those occasions. I haven't done much stitching or been on the computer for long as I couldn't sit for long periods were I was comfortable.

My Hestera Harmer pattern arrived on Friday, so she is all kitted up and ready to go. I have worked out that I have around 7 large samplers that I have kitted up that I want to do. I don't know where I am going to put them. Maybe I will have to buy a bigger house LOL. Don't tell my DH.

Over the last few weeks I have met another lovely lady in blogland. Her name is Joan and her blog is called My Place...My Little Place?

If you have a few moments to spare, please stop by and welcome her to blog land.


Joanie said...

Hey! I owe you a long email!
Mike had a fabulous time in Australia.

I love your Kitty sampler and she's on my short list of samplers now. And your strawberries look good enough to eat. I must make some of these for me too!

Joan ((*_*)) said...

Hey! Thanks for the 'intro'
Back a little better? Hope so.
At first glance I thought the strawberries were real, they're wonderful...good Job!

Lapplisor said...

Hello Sandra
Your strawberries look marvelous! Also in Europe they are at present very popular…
I would like also which to sew itself :-)
Your embroidery approaches to the end. it becomes so beautiful!
You were again industrious, and have already again so many new plans.
You always work on large cloths. Love of greetings from Sweden.
♥☼♥ Barbara ♥☼♥

~mj~ said...

You have won an award! See my blog please...:)

Crazee4books said...

Hi Sandra,

Oh, I love strawberries!! And
these are so cute. I like
that you've made four of them
in one style and four in
another. These would look so
sweet in a little basket.

I'm sorry to hear that you've
been suffering with your back
this past week Sandra. My
Mom has had severe back pain
for many, many years so I
can just imagine a bit of what
you're going through. Hope it
is making steady improvement
now and you're feeling better.

Elizabeth Welfare is looking
wonderful, and I see that you've
inspired Joanie now. Lol!

Glad to hear that Hestera
Harmer has arrived safely and
you've got her all ready to go.
What a strange first name that
is. I've never come across it

You'll just have to rotate your
samplers according to the
seasons or something so that
they can all have a chance to
be on display for some part of
the year in your house.

What part of Canada will your
Aunt and Uncle be visiting??
British Columbia is closest to
you I suppose so that would be
the most logical destination.
And it is beautiful there with
the mountains and the ocean.

DH and I were there about 12
years ago. We took an Alaskan
cruise which lasted a week,
and then we spent a week split
between Vancouver and Victoria.

I'm not sure what the weather's
doing out there right now, but
we had a lovely weekend here,
with warm temperatures and even
some humidity. But that's all
gone now and it's quite cool out
tonight. Will need the comforter
on the bed I think.

Got my missing issue of Victoria
in the mail from them last
Friday, so I'm glad of that.
I wasn't too sure that they'd
really send me one.

Hope you're feeling better
soon Sandra. Take care

Yuko said...

Hi Sandra,
I'm sorry that I couldn't visit here often, but I will!
Your strawberries are so sweet!!
I love them!
And your sampler is so stunning!
I'm always admired of your beautiful works, so beautiful always!!
I'm so looking forward to seeing more of your progress!!
Happy Stitching~

Suzanne said...

I love the strawberries, they almost look good enough to eat. Your sampler is coming along really well.

How is your son doing?