Monday, August 11, 2008

Kitty Update

This an update on Kitty. I decided to travel down to the bottom and do that before I do the other side. Kitty still looks lovely and I am enjoying working on her. The right hand side is a mirror image of the left hand side. I have decided to call her Elizabeth, so she will soon be known as Elizabeth Welfare, Sussex, 1806.

I have 2 pages of my book to go, so hopefully I will finish her in 2-3 weeks. Below is a close up of the bottom section.

My DH is suffering from a serious sprained wrist (just joking). I have ordered Hestera Harmer from America and I hope it will come sometime this week. I'm still pretty sure that I am related to her which I find quite interesting. It was one of those charts that I just had to have.

On the medical front, I spent a few hours up at the local hospital with my youngest son. He was doing swimming for sport, (now don't laugh). He was swimming along happily with his eyes closed and crashed into the wall of the pool and broke his nose, damaged his cheek bones and ended up with mild concussion. Thankfully it could have been worse and now besides having a sore nose and a slight headache, he is ok. The Doctors at the hospital wanted to know if he was training for the Olympics. One of his brothers wasn't at all sympathetic and told him that he was always calling "Big Nose" from "The Life of Brian" for years.

It's been very cold in the mountains over the last few days. We woke up this morning with a light dusting of snow everywhere. It started to snow yesterday afternoon. My DH was playing golf in it. But the sun has come out so hopefully it will start to warm up soon.

Well that's all for now. Thank you for dropping by and for leaving your lovely comments. It is really lovely to think that someone appreciates your work.


tkdchick said...

Your sampler is coming along beautifully!

Your poor son!!!! That must of been a shock when he hit that wall!

Joan said...

Sorry but I did laugh, hope he's healed soon. The X stitching looks great!

Suzanne said...

Your poor son, what a way to injure yourself. Although I must say, it always seems to be the boys that injure themselves in such silly ways. I hope he feels better soon.

Your stitching is looking really great!

Kathy A. said...

That is such a lovely sampler. You are making great progress. Ah, well youngest DS will have a story to tell!! and believe him his older siblings will remind him if he forgets. Glad that he is okay

Joan said...

Hi Sandra
Hope you're feeling better...yes I would love to put my link on your blog...can I put yours on mine?
The X Stitch I am working on is called Faith-Family-Friends, I downloaded it from PatternsOnline.

Joan ((*_*)) said...

Thanks Sandra I would love you to mention my 'blog' (when you're feeling better)
I know 'all about backs'
I have Osteoarthritis in my lower back...makes life very difficult at times...I use a wheat bag, doesn't make it better, but it soothes and feels good.

Wendy said...

Ouch, what a way to break your nose! Glad he is going to be okay though. Lovely Kitty - this is such a pretty sampler.

Kajsa said...

The sampler is just lovely, you are doing so good with it!

I feel so bad for your son, I hope feels better now.

Lapplisor said...

Hello, loves Sandra
Your work on this beautiful embroidery grows very well!
The colors particularly please me in the best way!
The accident of your son does much suffering to me.
It had large pitch. But you write it - it could have come more badly.
I wish it good improvement!

In Sweden the weather turned also here.
It rains already whole August, and the furnace burns and can warm us. I collect between the rain mushrooms in the forest.
Well that I mean rubber boots have :-)
I did not have an Internet connection over one week.
The connection is here very bad. Sometimes I do not come into the Net.
I wish you good improvement for your joints, Sandra!
Cordial greetings from the north of Europe.
♥☼♥ Barbara ♥☼♥

Joan ((*_*)) said...

LOL, I think I would have liked your Mum, she's got it in a Nutshell. Take Care and 'ave a good weekend'