Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hestera Harmer 1843 Sampler

Last Night I downloaded The Attic's Newsletter and their "Sampler of the Month" and there is a photo of this most beautiful sampler above. It is called Hestera Harmer 1843 by Queenstown Sampler Designs and when I read the name I thought to myself, "That's interesting", as I have a GGG Grandmother whose maiden name was Ann Harmer. Then when I read that she came from Sussex, I thought now "that is really interesting" and I think that somewhere along the line I am related to Hestera.

I know that Hestera's parents were John and Jane Harmer and that my Ann's parents were William and Mary Harmer. I have previously discovered that all the Harmer's on the Sussex line all go back to the mid 15th century to a John Harmer. I think that Hestera and my Ann are related. I haven't found out if they are cousins or Aunt or Neice yet, but I am following this story with interest.

I can see that I will have to do a bit of arm twisting to see if I can send to America to purchase this truly beautiful chart to add to my collection. All I can say is that I have fallen in love with this beautiful sampler.


Lapplisor said...

It is interesting, as you duch these news your family history to pursue can…:-)
Perhaps you get a clearing-up over your ancestors.
This Sampler pleases also me very well.
Sundays greetings
♥☼♥ Barbara ♥☼♥

Ranae said...

Oh! How interesting is that. Keep us updated if any more details come to light.

Suzanne said...

Now that's an interesting bit of family history, which will make this sampler all that more special. I look forward to watching you stitch this design.

In answer to your question about the perforated paper, it is relatively easy to stitch on, but only in short lengths of thread as it wears a lot pulling it through the paper and catches easily on the edges. It was fun and easy to stitch, but not so fun to finish.

Oh yes, I tried that ancestry website that you mentioned, but unfortunately found no new information. My family records are hard to find as Italy has very strict and regulated rules about accessing historical information and my father's parents left a war torn part of Italy that changed hands many times over.

My husband's family is unfortuately estranged from both sides and have not had contact with their relatives for many, many decades and know very little of their family's past.

Kajsa said...

How interesting! It's a very pretty sampler.

Lapplisor said...

Hello Sandra
" I am finished " … wanted to say I to you :-)
Best greeting
♥☼♥ Barbara ♥☼♥

Lelia said...

That is fabulously interesting! The sampler is very nice -- you'll have fun with that one : )

Crazee4books said...

Hi Sandra,

Wow, it's a small world isn't it??
Hope you can find out more about
Hestera Harmer and see if there
really is a connection with your
family. Now wouldn't that be cool?
And most definitely you must have
this chart for your collection.
It'll look amazing alongside your
other finished beauties.

My mother's family is from
Sussex as well. Her parents
and grandparents were from
Selsy by the Sea, and around
there. We still have many
cousins around the city of

Its raining cats and dogs
here today, and its quite
cool too. So we're stuck
indoors. I'm going to
take advantage and stitch
a bit.


Jelena said...

nice story :)
and the funny thing is that my last name is Hestera

Katarina said...

Hi my name is Katarina Hesterova but that is the way the females surnames end in the country i come from - Slovakia. My father was called Peter Hestera.

I would like to find out how far our family roots reach.

I have lived for almost 5 years in England.

I you are interested please contact me on

Kind regards