Monday, June 16, 2008

The Computers Back and Gone Again

Well, I think this computer is cursed. We travelled down to Penrith yesterday to pick up the computer after it being away for 5 weeks.

Well, you can guess what happened. We travel up the mountain again, get home, disconnect the boys computer, plugged the main computer in and you guessed it no power. The darn thing wouldn't turn on. My DH rings the store to tell them that he's not happy about the computer not turning on now and is told, its probably the leads or the power point. He tells them that another computer was connected to all of the above 5 minutes before and all was working well.

So to cut a long story short I had to drive all the way down the mountain again and take the psycho computer back to the store. Hopefully it will back on Friday. They tried to get us a new one but unfortunately its "No deal".

On the stitching front I have a sampler that has been talking to me for awhile to do. It is called Kitty Biggs and on the weekend I unfortunately gave in and started to do her. So now I have 3 on the go. When will I learn.

My Sister flies out for Paris tomorrow and I told her to go and check out this amazing exhibition that I found on Marie Antoinette. The link is here
(hopefully this works). It looks as if it could really amazing. I have already told her what I would like from the gift shop. Hopefully she will remember LOL.


Lapplisor said...

My dear Sandra
That is terrible that it such an annoyance with your computer have - I wish you an imminent solution with this problem.
I miss you in your blog, with the pictures.
So I can only be pleased to see soon again once more.

For your sister I wish a very beautiful journey to of Paris - into the paradise the embroidery art :-)

I wish you a beautiful time.

To soon - cordial greetings from Sweden Barbara

Suzanne said...

How annoying about your computer. Thankfully, my husband as part of his job looks after a lot of the computers at work, so he can usually fix most problems at home. I can't wait to see some photos of your stitching.

By the way, we did see the steam train up the mountains a few weekends ago. We saw it leave Penrith station in the morning and that afternoon, on my trip to The Stitching Post, we saw it come back down the mountains. We stopped at Wentworth Falls and watched it go past and then followed it home part of the way. My daughter was very excited and cried when we overtook it and she couldn't see it anymore.

Crazee4books said...

Hi Sandra,

How incredibly frustrating to
travel all that way to pick up
the computer, drive all the way
home and have it not work.
These things ain't cheap, so
you'd expect that they'd work
and work well for a long time.
Hope things will get sorted
out and the correct repairs
made soon. To me though it
sounds like you should receive
a completely new computer...

So you've taken on a new
project?? Lol! It's so
hard to resist when a new
project calls, isn't it?

I am so eager to see what
you've been stitching, and
to see the new start. I
foresee a long, picture
laden post when you get
things back to normal and
lots of eager viewers.

Isn't My Aunt's Attic a
wonderful site?? I've been
browsing through all the
incredible designs and
falling in love with just
about every one. It's
design lovers overload!!!

I laughed when I read your
comment on my blog about
your dog making a hole in
the lid of your washing

Rupert has knocked
over the same lamp twice,
and broken it once. And
he and Phoebe have broken
other knick knacks around
the house over the years...
the little darlings.

I'm home alone until Sunday
while DH has gone up to a
friends cottage. Gotta get
up at five am for the next
two mornings to get to work
by transit. Ugh!!

Oh oh. Better say goodnight
for now, before I ramble on
too much. Take care.


Joanie said...

Hey Sandra! I got your package! OMGosh! I was bowled over. I will be sending you a private email to properly thank you! And I'll be adding photos to my improved blog!

Oh, interested in your new sampler pictures??

And, Paris...your sister is so lucky and I am so jealous!