Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Computer is Back

After a lot more drama we now have our computer back and I can start putting photos on my blog again. It's good to have it back.

While I have been without this particular computer I have been busy working on a few samplers. I seem to have 3 of them on the go. It's something that I don''t usually like to do as I usually do one at a time, but what the heck I now have 3. The one above is the one the keep talking to me, telling me that she wanted to be done. Her name is Kitty Bigg and she is from a book that I have on Australian samplers. But they think in the book that she was actually worked in England. The original is in a Museum in Sydney. She is quite pretty as she is in the golden tones with hints of turquoise throughout. I am doing her on 40ct Antique White. Below is a photo of the original.

One thing with her though is that it is pretty certain that she is going to have a name change. Her name is probably going to be Elizabeth Welfare who was my GGG Grandmother on my Mum's side. She will continue the tradition that I started with a couple of my samplers that I did for my Mum being named after Grandmothers.

This is my progress on Sarah Moon. Sarah was one of those samplers that I fell in love with when I first saw her. My only problem with her is that I wish that I was doing her on 40ct instead of 32ct. 40ct wasn't available when I first started doing her.
This is my progress on Beatrix Potter. Another sampler that I fell in love with. Beatrix is over one on 32ct. Unfortunately I haven't touched her for a couple of weeks.

Well my Sister has had a lovely timee in Paris. She celebrated her birthday by spending up BIG. Can't wait to see what she has bought.

She rang me on Saturday all excited to tell me that she had gone to the Marie Antoinette Exhibition and got caught in this LONG line waiting to go in. Everyone was grumbling about having to stand around when she suddenly saw a small group of people going through. A lot of the people were complaining about how come these people got to push in in front of them all.

When she looked at the woman she knew why. It turned out to be Queen Margarite of Denmark and her husband Prince Heinrich with a small party. It was one Queen visiting another Queen. Anyway, it made my Sisters day.

Today, she flies over to England for a few days before flying to Venice for a week. Some people have it rough.


Joanie said...

Oh, Sandra! I love Kitty Biggs! And your wips are glorious too! I particularly like Beatrix. The other's are great too!

Suzanne said...

I am really glad to be able to finally see some pictures. I can understand why you have stitched the Kitty Biggs design, it's really beautiful. All your work is looking really great. I also love working on 40ct linen, but the only colour I can ever find is antique white. It would be nice to have a few other colours available.

Suzanne said...

Sandra, I looked on my bookshelf and found that I have the Australian Needlework book. I think I received it many years ago. As much as I love samplers, I just don't have the patience for doing them. Besides, I have already set myself a whole number of projects for next year. Naughty me!

I think I am just happy to watch the progress on your samplers.

Lapplisor said...

Hi Sandra
I am pleased much that you are again there.
Very much I waited for your progress, and will today only be astonished, which you manufactured everything.
You selected completely marvelous Designs - I am enthusiastic !

As beautiful that your sister such an royal experience in Paris had… forgets such a thing one never :-)
It is so beautiful to read again with you and I am pleased with you that you back are.

Cordial greetings from Sweden
♥☼♥ Barbara ♥☼♥

Crazee4books said...

Yeah Sandra!!

Piccies!! Lot's of lovely
pictures! Welcome back. Hope
the computer is well and truly
fixed and won't give you any
further trouble.

Kitty Biggs is really gorgeous!
The little details on her are so
fascinating to look at. It's
amazing to me that such delicate
works can last as long as they
sometimes do. I doubt I'll look
that good when I'm over two
hundred years old.

I think it's a great idea to put
your (many times) great grand-
mothers name on it. It makes
the piece uniquely your own.

It makes samplers extra special
when you're stitching something
so old when a bit of the history
is known about it. I love
hearing about the women or girls who stitched them, and perhaps about where they've been over
the years.

I love Beatrix Potter in that
beautiful shade of red. These
types of designs are so much fun
to stitch and you can never get
bored with them.

I laughed at your sister recognizing the Queen of Denmark
when she was going into the
Marie Antoinette exhibit. I
doubt I'd know the Queen of
Denmark if I fell over her.
Now I've got to go and Google
her to see what she looks like.

Wow, and now she's in England
and going to Venice after that.
(your sister I mean...not the
Queen of Denmark). Now that
sounds like a grand tour!!!

We've had wet, cool weather
for the past week, but now
we're having wet, thundery,
humid weather. It's Canada
Day on the 1st, and we'll have
the day off of work to celebrate.
I predict a day of stitching.


Kathy A. said...

Dear Sandra - Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and your lovely comments.. I have added you to my google reader and will continue to read your posts. I have looked at all your beautiful samplers. They are all just stunning. I don't think I could pick one as my favorite.
I hope your computer problems are well and truly fixed. That can be soooo frustrating.

Wendy said...

Your Samplers are beautiful and I can see why you have 3 on the go! Great idea of naming these for your grandmothers. I may have to snitch that idea from you :-D

Jean said...

I am inspired! Your samplers are making me drool! You are so gifted! I love your kitties, too. I have 2 kitties and it's taking them a year to figure out that they can live in the same house on the same floor without fur flying! I'm new to blogging and I'm so glad I found your site!

Louise said...

Hi Sandra,
I love your Kitty Biggs. Your stitching is wonderful! Could you share the name of the book it can be found in?