Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Dance Time

Well, as you can see Betsy Davis and now finished and framed and hanging in my bedroom. She isn't in her final spot yet, as I need Betsy Manchester to hang besides her. They will eventually hang above my bed. I currently have 2 other needlework pictures, that did a long time ago hanging there and I plan on hanging them where Betsy D is now hanging. One on top of the other. These picture are of French Porcelain Dolls that I did when my eldest son who is nearly 25 was a little boy. So they are over 20 years old. There is a photo of them here and here.

I finished Betsy yesterday. All I had to do were the last 2 numbers in the date down the bottom, which didn't take my very long to do.

I decided last night to spend a little time on my Beatrix Potter. I have another motif and a bit of another one done. I don't know how long I will spend on Bea as I am itching to start Betsy Manchester. I also decided this morning that for me Bea works better as a day stitcher as it is all over one.

So I am thinking that I might start Betsy and every now and then stitch a motif on Bea. I joined the SAL for Bea, but I was totally hopeless at keeping to the commitment. I might make a deal with my self to stitch this every now a then when the urge overcomes me lol. I really don't know why I feel like this as it is such a beautiful thing. I think it might be after Elizabeth Cox and Betsy Davis I find it a bit boring. I seem to like samplers with a bit of a challenge lol. But my current plan sounds good, so I might see if I can stick to that.

I have so many other beautiful samplers all kitted up and ready to go. I am really looking forward to doing them.

It is another beautiful day in the Mountains today. I was able to wash my quilt that you can see in the background of these photos. I was able to get it totally dry and it has that nice clean smell. Hopefully I can wash another one tomorrow. Thank goodness the dust storms have gone. We had another one on Friday night/Saturday morning, but it was nothing like the earlier one. The earlier one was so amazing.


Love to Stitch said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! SHE IS GORGEOUS!!! Wow, so impressive, and even framed. Simply amazing. You have inspired alot of us to start stitching her (I havent started just yet....) Truly a piece of work. Bea over 1? Wow, on what count? I am currently stitching her, on 40ct, 1 over 2, and I should have her done the end of the week. I feel like you though, so many samplers, so little time!! Congrats on Betsy, I am doing the happy dance with you!!

valerie said...

Wow...congratulations! Betsy Davis is stunning! And how wonderful to have her framed already. I've enjoyed watching your progress...

Vonna said...

So very, very, very gorgeous! Well done and BRAVA!!! GLORIOUS :)

Katrina said...

Congrats, she is so pretty!

Margaret said...

Huge congratulations! Not only finished but framed too! And your Beatrix is just gorgeous! What color fiber is that? it's wonderful! I know doing those Quakers can be boring, but this one will be worth the effort. I'm so glad your dust storms are over. I hope they stay away!

Nancy said...

Congratulations on your finish. Your sampler is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing the stitching you did years ago, and I like your quilt too!

Cari said...

Congratulations! She is stunning. I am so impresed that you framed her yourself - not something I have attempted, you did a beautiful job.

Beatrix over 1, WOW. You do enjoy a challenge. I agree, as much as I love the look of quaker, stitching with the same color would drive me to boredom.

I'm so glad the storms have subsided!

Enjoy your week - looking forward to seeing you new Betsy.

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

What a stunning finish and terrific accomplishment. Betsy is gorgeous! Your BP looks beautiful but I can understand why it wouldn't feel as challenging or as fun to work on.

Am very much looking forward to your next start so that I can follow your progress.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on finishing Betty Davis so quickly. It is beautiful. To bad you will have to go to sleep in stead of looking at her all night long. I wouldn't be able to keep my eyes off of her. What an inspiration you are, thanks or sharing.

Ivory Spring said...

Congratulations, Sandra! It is making me swoon.

I have often wonder why that particular Quaker sampler is called Beatrix Potter. Do you know the history there?

Melissa said...

Big Congratulations, Sandra! What an accomplishment, and what a beauty she is! I love it!

Suzanne said...

Congratulations on a beautiful finish! Betsy is certainly an amazing and challenging piece.

I have a few pieces I really need to get finished, but for some reason I just can't bring myself to stitch them. Maybe next year, lol!

It's a beautiful day down here. I have just spent an hour in the garden pruning and weeding, not that it looks like I have done a lot. We have to get the garden looking good ready for Amelie's 1st birthday party the following weekend.

Karoline said...

Congratulations Betsy is gorgeous and great progress on Beatrix

Teri said...

Yeah! Another beautiful finish!!

The Scarlett House said...

Congratulations on another truly amazing sampler! I have so enjoyed your progress, and you have inspired me to stitch Betsy soon.
You always choose the most wonderful and challenging samplers! I really love visiting your blog.

Ivory Spring said...


Your Betsy is absolutely gorgeous. She is fortunate as she will be well loved at your house!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Sandra,

How lovely to hear from you again
and reconnect. And I see that you
have been quite busy (as usual)
stitching up another gorgeous

Congratulations on finishing
Betsy Davis and for framing her
as well. She truly is a beauty.
What a wonderful combination
the two Betsys will be hanging
together on the wall over your

I see you've bought Dan Brown's
new book and it's making the
rounds of your family. I plan
to get it too, but book buying
has been on the back burner
these days (sob!!!) while I buy
clothes that actually fit me.
So my book wish list is very,
very long. Hope Santa checks
it out at some point and takes
note of the titles listed

So you're puttering in your
garden, while we're battening
down the hatches and getting
things in order before the
weather turns really cold.
We've had grey skies and
cooler temperatures lately,
and some pretty strong winds
too. Some minor frosts that
have not yet touched the
plants in the garden or even
the hanging baskets, but it's
just a matter of time now.

We'll be celebrating Canadian
Thanksgiving this weekend with
my Mom and my SIL here for a
turkey dinner on Sunday. Hope
the weather is nice for it.
I plan on having Pumpkin Pie
with whipped cream on the day,
and it'll be a good sized piece.

Your Beatrix Potter project is
so pretty, and I love the red
thread that you chose to stitch
it with. You really should keep
at it because it'll be lovely
when it's done.

Gosh, those dust storms sound
both amazing and worrisome. It
doesn't sound as though you get
them regularly...am I right???

Take care. Judy

Anonymous said...


Cindy F. said...

Gorgeous framed finish!! Congrats again!! It's amazing!!

Anonymous said...

best regards

Brigitte said...

Oh my, she is fantastic! Congratulations on this extraordinary finish.