Friday, July 3, 2009

We Now Have People

Well, as you can see, we now have a couple of people in Betsy. They are all over 1 along with the funny looking dog (I think it is a dog), tree. The deer is in free hand embroidery. As you can also see I fixed the mistake in the saying. I was lucky that I only had to undo one letter and that it was on the end of the line. I am actually looking forward to doing the black part around the Queen stitch border.

I think I will also have to do the other pole on the other side of the sampler so that the path that everybody is standing on can be finished. Not sure about the ladies faces though. They look a bit weird. From what I can gather from the chart and the photo on the front of the chart, their faces are filled in with free hand embroidery. The eyes are French knots and the mouths are just red slashes.

I would like to thank Karen for alerting me to the fact that there is a photo of the original Betsy Davis in a book called - Samplers A to Z, Museum of Fine Art Boston by Pamela Parnal. I have been trying to find a bigger photo of this sampler on the Internet and unfortunately the only ones that I can find are so tiny that you can't see them properly.

I was wondering if any body out there has a copy of this book and would be able to scan this photo and send it to me via email I would be really grateful. If you can see the original or even larger photo's of samplers, it just helps placing things properly. My email address is -

My youngest son has been home all week with a Lower Respiratory Tract Infection and is on antibiotics. Talk about cough. I ended up buying another Vapouriser to help him breath without the coughing.

My middle son had a week off work so he came home for a few days to see us. I think he likes living in Sydney as he kept saying that it is so cold up here and that he now prefers Sydney. Well, I suppose it is warmer down there, he lives not far from one of the surf beaches and he is not far away from the things he likes doing. One good thing for him was that he was able to catch up with a lot of his friends.

I would just like to wish my friends in the U.S. a Happy Independence Day and weekend. I hope you all have a lovely long weekend and that you get a lot of stitching done. I also hope that the weather is fine for you.

We have been getting a lot of strong winds over the last few days. Earlier in the week the weather was quite mild, but on Wednesday evening the winds hit. I thought we were going to loose the roof on Wednesday night. I could picture me lying in bed shivering gazing at the stars. That is one good thing about living in the Mountains in the stars. They are spectacular. We get to see a lot more than you can see in Sydney with the city lights.


Margaret said...

Lovely! The faces are fine to me. Sorry I don't have much of a book collection so I can't help you with the original of Betsy. I hope someone can! I love seeing your progress!

Kathy A. said...

Lovely progress on your newest sampler. You always set such a challenge for yourself and they turn out so beautifully. I love the colors in this one.
I will trade you wind for never ending rain, dreary grey skies. lol

Deb said...

This is such a nice sampler and you're making wonderful progress on it. I can't imagine doing freehand embroidery. I think that the faces look fine to me!

Cindy F. said...

Beautiful progress!! This sampler is amazing!
Hope your son feels better very son!!
and how nice of your other son to come to visit you:)
Thanks for your July 4th wishes!! It is our Independence Day and everyone is enjoying bbqing. We can't have fireworks in our area this year because we are so dry here.
Hope you have a great weekend too!

The Scarlett House said...

You work on the most amazing and challenging samplers. You are definitely my hero! I can't wait to watch this one come to life.
BTW, as for the wishes for the 4th, thank you. If you ever get to watch the wonderful HBO series, John Adams, you'll see why this is such a special holiday for us.

Anonymous said...


It is looking so pretty! I am sorry to hear about your son - I hope he feels better soon!

BIG M BLOG said...


I appriciate the skills of your blog writing and the time sharing with us.
I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Beautiful progress! The colors in this are beautiful and I look forward to the next progress picture.

I wish I could help with the book but I do not have that one. I hope someone can help you.

Suzanne said...

Great progress on Betsy! Sorry to hear that your sone has been unwell. This is the one aspect of winter that I hate. The coughs, colds and flu.

It has been really windy here as well and I took the opportunity to wash everything.