Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Beatrix Potter Update

Well, what can I say, my Beatrix Potter is moving along nicely. I think I have done nearly a quarter of it. I find that once I start stitching over 1, I get into the grove as they say and off I go. It is especially easy when you don't have to change colours all the time.

Unfortunately I just noticed that I cut poor Peter Rabbit's head nearly off. The next one is a closer view of it. (Not PR head LOL).

As promised her are a few of the photos from the Christmas Story. They are all beautiful and I know the originals are worth a fortune. Wouldn't it be lovely to own just one.

These couple of photo's are from my lovely book called "The Art of Beatrix Potter". She was an amazing lady in many ways and so talented.

The 3 cards at the bottom are Christmas Cards from the National Trust in England. And the card with Peter Rabbit in the photo below is a card that my Sister sent to my eldest son when he was small on one of her many trips to England. (I better not tell him that I have it otherwise he will be after it LOL).

The final 2 photos are of a sampler that I did a long time ago. I think its by Homespun Sampler and it could be called "She Seeketh Wool". I love the sheep in it. I have a thing for sheep and cupids, among many things.

The weather in the Mountains in getting cooler every day. I think earlier that it was going to be quite yuk and I have been pleasantly surprised. The sun is now shining. I don't like the cold weather very much. It's not good for my bones (thats what happens when you start to grow older).

I used to have this lovely Great Aunt and Uncle who had the right idea. They used to live up at Blackheath which is 2 towns up from me. As soon as Winter came along they would uproot themselves from their beautiful home and move up to Surfers Paradise in Queensland for 3 months. Pity we all can't be wealthy and do what we like, but I suppose we can all dream.

I hope you all have a lovely week and that the weather is kind to us all.


Suzanne said...

I hope that you are feeling much better this week. Happy anniversary to you too!

The sampler is coming along really well. I know what you mean though, getting into the groove. I really love working one over one.

Lapplisor said...

Hi Sandra
It is so nice, as you report on Beatrix Potter, and shows, is marvelous your favourite book :-)

Your BP work grew very beautifully, dear Sandra.

Your Homspune Sampler is timeless beautifully... in so fine colors worked.
Thanks for the beautiful photos.

I hope much that you get over the cold year time without loss, and wish you good health for it.

Best greetings

Herzblatt said...

I love your stitching and especially your margaret!! Lovely!!
I am in contact with a teacher for German from Toowoomba. I love Australia, it is marvellous!!
Best greetings

Crazee4books said...

Hi Sandra,

Congratulations on finishing Margaret Gibson! Wow!! She's magnificent! What a wonderful addition to your stitching masterpieces. Can't wait to see this one framed. Hope you've got a spot all picked out for her. She's a great tribute and remembrance of your Mom.

Your Beatrix Potter piece is looking good. I know how popular this chart was when it came out. I think everyone fell in love with it, both for the design and for it's connect to the beloved author/artist.

Your collection of Beatrix Potter books and cards etc is fantastic and I'd so love to see some of it in person. Especially the Christmas story book. Love the picture of the rabbits dancing and the one bunny tumbling head over tail. Just adorable.

I think that I have a biography of Beatrix Potter in my collection somewhere. Probably brought it back from England with me at some point. What an amazing woman she was. Her water colours are so delicate and full of such incredible detail.

We're celebrating the 100th anniversary of the publishing of Anne of Green Gables here. Anne is pretty much Canada's sweetheart, and beloved of many of us who read her stories when we were young and still love them many years later.

Lucy Maud Montgomery actually lived for many years in the small town of Norval, which is right next door to Georgetown, where we live. Pretty cool.

Well, as you slip gently ... I hope ...into Autumn, we're enjoying Spring, and her many quirks and occasional tantrums. It's nice to see green leaves, green grass and the bright shiny faces of the daffodils and tulips.

For Canadians when the weather gets snowy, if you're retired and can afford it you head for Florida in November and don't venture home again until April. Though the cost for health insurance and stuff is getting pretty prohibitive these days for many.

I'd love to see some pictures on your blog of your views sometime. It sounds as though you live in a beautiful area of Oz.

Your Wool sampler is very sweet, and I agree that sheep in cross stitch are tremendously adorable.
This piece has some really pretty colours in it. Did you use DMC or hand dyed thread to stitch it??

Hmmm...this is getting long...again...better sign off for now.

Take care Sandra. Cheers!!

Lelia said...

Your photographs are wonderful. I enjoyed looking at all of them. Nice job on your over-one project!!

Herzblatt said...

Hi Sandra
Thanks for looking on my blog. My wedding quilt is ready but it is published in a special magazine for crazy quilts here in Germany in the middle of June and first then I am allowed to show it in my blog. But if you are very interested in it, send me an email and I will send you a picture of it.
Best greetings

Jaimie said...

She Seeketh Wool is beautiful! Nice progress!

Littlebit's collections said...

Thank you for your comments, your stitching is lovely.

lena-lou said...

She Seeketh Wool is so pretty, I love it and have enjoyed a visit to your blog :-)