Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Belated Update

I thought I'd better add something new to my blog otherwise you might all be thinking that I have fallen off my perch (LOL). I have just been pottering around doing my usual thing. You know, housework, sewing, housework, reading housework.

I have nearly finished Margaret Gibson. I only have the side and bottom border to go then she is finished. She is looking beautiful.

I have also been making myself some tote bags. I changed my usual design a little by adding some antique lace and pin keep medallions. I think they look quite good.
These are my first attempt at making pin keeps. I think they came out ok. I added tiny beads all around the edges.
This is another one that I made. As you can see I have a thing for toile.
Each bag has different pin keep medallions.

I have been doing a lot of reading since my last blog. I have fallen in love again with David Copperfield by Charles Dickens. I also have the BBC DVD and it is like Pride and Prejudice. A movie that you can watch over and over again. I am currently collecting Charles Dickens books. I currently have 8 and over the next few weeks I hope to get some more. I am very lucky where I live as there quite a few antique and second hand book shops and I am able to get the lesser known books.

Well until next time, I hope you all have a lovely weekend and for my friends in the Northern Hemisphere that the weather is starting to be kinder to you. The weather in the Southern Hemisphere is getting cooler everyday. I keep asking my sons and husband are they cold (so I can light the fire) or is it just me.


Yuko said...

What beautiful bags you made!!!
Just stunning!!
And add ornaments and pinkeeps is good idea and made good accente for the beautiful bags, make them more beautiful!
I love black toile one, very much!!
It's so beautiful!

Romy said...

Your bags are gorgeous!! I also love toile!! And I love viewing your sampler!! Wonderful work!!

Lapplisor said...

Hi Sandra
You have an enormous jump worked... so beautifully become your embroidery.
Your bag cut pleases me outstanding, like also the material choice.
The idea to attach small Pinkeeps is completely nice.

I could work in my Holiday marvelously on the The token further, and have equal the part4 finished.
have a nice weekend.

Crazee4books said...

Hi Sandra,

I'm sorry that I didn't get over sooner to check in with you. I've been busy sorting things here in my olde computer, in preparation for
the arrival of a new computer in the next week or so.

And last weekend was oh so busy for DH and I, so I didn't even have time to update my blog on Sunday morning, as I normally do.

The weather here has been spectacular during the past week. Spring has definitely arrived. The trees are suddenly sprouting leaves and the forsythia bush is in bloom. The crocuses are done, but the daffodils and the Hyacinth are in full, glorious bloom and it won't be long before it's time for the tulips to have their weeks in the sun.

It's been t-shirt weather, and time to clean up the garden weather, and the gold finches have changed into their yellow feathers weather. And it's open the windows weather.

Actually it's much warmer then it should be for this time of year here, so we'll probably still get some cooler weather (below 10 degrees celsius) before Summer arrives.

Margaret Gibson continues to live up to expectations! Absolutely stunning! Love the boarder around it.

And oh Sandra, your tote bags are so pretty, and those matching pin keeps on them are beautiful. Bet you've started a trend with those as other stitcher's see them and want to do them too. And who doesn't love Toile???

The fourth issue of Victoria arrived here last week and it's another wonderful addition to the collection.

I'm ashamed to admit that I've never read Charles Dickens, and I don't own any of his books....yet. I have this wariness when it comes to the old classics. Need to get over that.

What type of winters do you experience in your part of Oz???
Do you get snow and really cold temperatures??? It's always strange to think that you guys are seeing Autumn when we're enjoying Spring etc.