Monday, February 18, 2008

Margaret Gibson Update

I thought that I had better post an update of my progress on Margaret Gibson. I haven't been able to do alot because I have been having trouble with my eyes and also I have been suffering from the dreaded Arthritis in my wrist. I broke my wrist about 5 years ago in 7 places (I did a really good job on it when I broke it LOL). Anyway, whenever we have changes in the weather it starts to ache when I hold the frame that I use. We have had alot of cool wet weather lately and with the eyes and the wrist I haven't done that much.

Since my last post on Margaret I have finished the house and the (I think its wisteria) vine on the house. The vine is done in Queen Stitch. I decided to do a few of the things on the side before I tackle the boring lawn part. She is still looking good.

I have started to dream of my next project. I don't whether to do Beatrix Potter, or finish doing Sarah Moon (I have been contemplating redoing this one on 40ct). With Sarah Moon I started working her on 32ct before I started Margaret Gibson, but I think it is going to be too large for me. I also have kitted up "A Stitchers Hands" - Honest Kind and Good and the other Scarlet Letter Sampler that I have "Marion Robertson" is also calling. I think I have wittled it down to Beatrix Potter and Marion Robertson.

I love Beatrix Potter. I have a large collection of not only Beatrix Potter Books, games and puzzles and English china. Some of my books are books that you don't see that often. I was very lucky a few years ago when it was Peter Rabbits 100th Birthday. One of my friends was going for a holiday to England and staying near Hilltop Farm. She bought me back a special reproduction of the original Peter Rabbit letter with postcards. Its something that I cherish and maybe on my next post I will take a few photos to show you some of my BP collection.

I know that I am quite slack in publishing this photo but someone asked if I could post a photo of the magazine that the sampler below was in. It was Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publication called Country Crafts from 1997. I hope this helps. The sampler below is quite pretty. I really like the older version though.


Crazee4books said...

Hi Sandra,

Margaret Gibson continues to be an incredible piece, and it's always so interesting to see what's coming next. I think I like the bowls of fruit (apples? cherries?) section the best.

I read Pillars of the Earth over 10 years ago, and loved it. It was my first Ken Follett book. I now have about 10 of his books in hardcover. And of course the latest World Without End, which is the sequel to Pillars of the Earth. It too is a chunky book. Of course it means that I have to reread Pillars before I can read the new one.

One of the things that I enjoyed most about my trips to England was the chance to visit the Cathedrals. During my first visit there in 1978 I went to Winchester with my cousin and of course we explored the Cathedral. During my three visits to England I think that I saw perhaps 10 to 12 Cathedrals. From little Wells, to massive St Pauls, and of course Winchester. So reading Pillars of the Earth really suited my interests in English history, and in Cathedrals.

On a solo trip to Gloucester I was wandering down an alley looking for the Cathedral, when I stumbled on the Tailor's in the Tailor of Gloucester. The first floor was a sort of gift shop full of Beatrix Potter/Peter Rabbit related merchandise, and the second floor was a recreation of the tailor's shop, and the story. It was pretty neat, and the fact that I didn't know it existed and stumbled on it accidentally made it even more magical.

Someday I'd like to go to the Lake District of England and explore the countryside that Beatrix Potter made famous. Have you been there?

How on earth did you manage to break your wrist in 7 places????
No wonder you've got arthritis in it. I think I'm developing the first signs of something like that in my fingers. Oh dear. I'm getting old. I've never broken anything (knock on wood)so I guess it's just general wear and tear.

Since I have the eye sight of a mole I can relate to your eye problems too. I probably spend way too much time on the computer, way too much time stitching, and way too much time reading. What can you do?

One of my days off this week will be a "jammie day". I plan to stay in my pajamas, and sit stitching and listening to either talk radio or music for much of the day. Sounds decadent doesn't it? Ah, the simple life.


Itching To Stitch said...

Mary Gibson is beautiful What will the measurement be when it is finished? Stunning job ;)

lapplisor said...

Hi Sandra
It does wrong to me that you have health problems...
the wrong of many stick gutters thus divide, because the eyes and hands are important with our hobby so.
You brought your work nevertheless very far, and I read gladly your purchase to the individual work with you.
I feel your descriptions very interesting.

My "the token" rests for the moment, since I have to do too much different one - I think, I in my Sweden time on it will continue to work...
All love wishes Barbara

Lenka said...

Hi, Sandra! I found your blog today and stop to tell hi! Needlepoint is my passion to, so I can see how ambitious you project is. You are amazing! I can imagine how much time and hard work it takes! But, what a pleasure to see your photos – so beautiful! Sorry to hear about your health problem and hope you will feel better soon!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Sandra,

I just wanted to let you know that the latest issue of Victoria (#3) arrived in my mail box today. Nicely folded in half....argghhh!!!

It's a beautiful Spring issue featuring articles on gardens and gardening. I haven't had a chance to really go through it yet, but anticipation is all part of the enjoyment for me.

Your description of how you broke your wrist had me wincing in sympathy. Ugh!!! What an ordeal to go through.

Holiday is going along great. I've been stitching, blogging and watching the new tv. Tomorrow lunch with a friend. Do I really have to go back to work next week??? Sigh!! Gotta win that lottery prize!!


Suzanne said...

Wow you Margaret Gibson is really looking so very beautiful and you have made great progress since the last time.

I know how you feel about your wrist, I broke my collarbone a while back and everytime there is a change in the weather it aches terribly.

I have found that I prefer to stitch on 40ct now that I have discovered how wonderful it is. Luckly my close vision is still good, so I may as well make the most of it while I can, lol.

Sorry, it's been so long that I have had a chance to reply. I have not felt well for the last few weeks and I haven't touched any of my stitching or even my blog for weeks. I hope to get back to it all soon.

Yuko said...

Hi, Sandra!
I love to visit your blog, there are always plenty of beautiful and sophisticated stuffs on here!
Eventhough English it too difficult for me (lol), it's enough to seeing beautiful photos, make me feel so fine!
I'm looking forward to seeing of your progress! :D
Oh by the way, my Japanese friend could have a "green card (<--it's American, though... what to say in Australia??) " of Australia!
She loves aussie so much, so I'm happy to heard of it from her! :D

juebilee said...

I have a sampler that has herbs thirteen Herbs sewn beautifully

It says in the middle " And God said, Behold, I hsve given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth.
genisis, 1 29

It is signed Kitty, Can anyone offer any value or help on this.
Julie Spencer