Monday, January 21, 2008

The Wedding

I thought you might like to see a couple of photos of my son and daughter-in-laws wedding on Saturday.

It was a beautiful day. Everyone and everything looked beautiful. The brides dress was stunning and was made of French lace. I believe it was lace that Catherine Zeta Jones's wedding dress was made out of. Unfortunately you can't see the bottom in my photos, but it was a little longer at the back.

The only unfortunate thing about the day was the rain. It never let up. The Reception was in a very old building near the Parramatta River and the idea was to have all the tables under the few large magnolia trees that are in the garden. As we couldn't do that we had the tables around the veranda and inside the building. Everything was just beautiful.

The cake was absolutely finger lickin good. It was a chocolate cake that was delicious. The photo was taken on the outdoor veranda.

The bouquets were roses and lisianthus in pink and white shades.


Suzanne said...

I am glad that the wedding went so well. The cake looks good and the flowers are beautiful. The dress is fabulous, but it's a shame we can't see more detail.

I'm sorry about the weather, but an old wives tales says that if it rains on your wedding day you will have lots of children. Who knows if this is true, it rained on our wedding day, but we have only one child at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Matthew and his bride Sandra.I hope the have a long and wonderful marriage..Beauitful photos thanks for sharing them Id love to see more next time I see you at work..Until then take care

lapplisor said...

Hi Sandra
Property cordial thanks that we may at the luck of the recent pair sharings!
I congratulate to you cordially to the daughter - the pair looks very lucky.
think that the rains did not really feel it, before luck blessedness of the daily - also on my wedding day it rained...
each drop stands for a lucky day in the life - like that was it with me -
and so far 36 years came out. My husband and I will work on further years, and I wish this also for boy aour child.
Greeting Barbara

Kajsa said...

They are just beautiful! Congratulations on to the happy couple and to you.

I love the flowers!!

Yuko said...

Both young beautiful couple seem so happy!
Oh the most happiest day for them, wasn't it?
I'm sorry to hear about the weather, but I love every photos, they are just beautiful!
Thanks for sharing wonderful photos, Sandra!

Jaimie said...

They are just adorable! That is a beautiful dress she is wearing. Oh well about the rain, what can you do? Thanks for sharing your happy day with us!

Wendy said...

Sorry to hear about the rain, but it looks like it didn't put a damper on the day. What a beautiful couple and an absolutely gorgeous bride in her gown! Thank you for sharing the pictures :-D

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog and good luck for the giveaway. Beautiful photos of the wedding!
Lucy x

jean said...

Congratulations, what a lovely couple, well done you! I am sorry about the rain, but still smiles all around. cheers!