Monday, July 21, 2014

Jane Ballard Jumped Into My Hands

Thought that you might like to see Miss Jane Ballard by Porcupine Collection.  Jane is a companion piece to Rebecca Cullin.  She was done in 1799 and Rebecca was done in 1801.  There are a few of both these samplers in Museums etc done by other girls.  I have always loved both Rebecca and Jane.

I have been working on The Rose Wreath Sampler which I really love, but Miss Jane started jumping up and down demanding that I put The Rose Wreath down and work on her.  So what could I do except pick her up and work on her so that I could get some peace and quiet lol.  I always enjoy working on complicated samplers although Miss Jane isn't that complicated.

I am working Jane with specialty stitches so that she will match Rebecca.  I plan on hanging them side by side when she is done.  As you can see the Squirrel has been done in stem stitch etc.

As has the butterfly, but I think that it's more of a moth.

Miss Jane is more of a softer sampler than Miss Rebecca.  I love the use of the red in Jane.  When I have done some more on her I will post more photos.  Looking forward to the next stage of her.


Margaret said...

Jane is gorgeous! She really does look very related to Rebecca. That's pretty cool. I love seeing related samplers. They will look lovely hanging together.

Anne said...

She is stunning! I saw your post on instagram (I'm annithadoll aka Doll's Musings) and am trying to find where I can order this chart. I see attic sells it but I've never ordered from them before. Any other suggestions? She is truly a magnificent sampler!!

marly said...

They are both stunning samplers and to see them hanging together...outstanding!

Krista said...


Melissa said...

Wow! Jane is just gorgeous!

Laurie Arp said...

Jane is a gorgeous sampler and she's going to look wonderful paired with Rebecca.