Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Angry Bird

This week I have been working on my Rebecca Cullin Sampler for Nicola's SL Year.  I have always loved this sampler and thought that I would love to do it.   The only part though that had me rolling my eyes was the freehand stitching.

When I put Rebecca down I was working on the leaves on the tree on the left, but thought that I would be a bit adventurous and try and work out the tree with the bird in it.  This is a real eye roller lol.

I decided that I would start by working out the outline for the whole bit and I still have to finish off it's tail.  I asked my husband if the bird looked ok and he had a quick look as they usually do and told me that it looked like a Penguin.  Really.

Then I thought that I would ask my Sister if it looked ok and sent her a photo of it and I got the message back that it looked like one of the Angry Birds.  So may I present an Angry Bird.

As you know the last time I posted, I told you that my second Son was getting married and I thought that you would like to see a couple of photo's.  Only a couple though as we are all quite shy and hate having our photo's taken.

This is my second Son Adam and his wife Kimberley.  They are standing in front of the car that brought Adam and his Best Man to the Wedding.  It is a Shelby Mustang Eleanor and is very cool.

Hopefully you  can see her beautiful dress in this photo.  Her dress was truly beautiful.  It had a Peplum from the waist which made the dress simply beautiful.

This is the wedding party.  The wedding was held in a beautiful Chapel in Sydney.  My youngest Son was the third Groomsman from the left hand side or two down from the Groom.

This is my outfit.  I really hate having my photo taken so you don't get many of them lol.  It was a really beautiful wedding and the day was just perfect.  The happy couple are now on their Honeymoon on a Cruise around the Pacific.

Thank you for stopping by.


Krista said...

Very funny about the angry bird talk, lol! I think you have done awesome on the bird... free hand? mine would probably look like a turkey :)
Nice wedding photos, the bride's dress is gorgeous and you look lovely in red. Thank you for sharing. Have a great day!

Chris said...

Great progress and it does sort of look like one of the Angry Birds. I know that once you start filling him in he will be way more fabulous than one of the Angry Birds.
What a beautiful wedding! That is a lovely pic of you.

Margaret said...

lol about the angry bird! I still agree with your sister a bit. But I'm sure the angry bird look will diminish as its plumage comes alive.

Congrats again to the lovely couple, and to the proud parents. May they have many many years of happiness together.

Laurie in Iowa said...

Thank you for sharing the wedding photos. You look beautiful in your red outfit.
LOL... Angry Bird... I think your sampler looks fabulous. You are a brave woman for doing the freehand embroidery.

Deb said...

That is funny - Angry Bird. You know, I think that your sister is right. But I'm sure that once it is filled in it will be a truly beautiful bird.

Congratulations to Adam and Kimberley. Her dress was beautiful and it's good that you posted a picture of you and your family. It's nice to see pictures of people that you talk about!!

And like Laurie said, you're a brave woman for doing the freehand embroidery!!

Giovanna said...

Very nice going on the sampler. Congrats to your son and his bride.

Love to Stitch said...

I can imagine your frustration with the free hand sewing, not my cup of tea either, however, I think it looks darn close to the shape! Once you start filling in the color it is going to be fine, no worries :) Your son and his new wife look beautiful and what a gorgeous dress!! All of you will be thrilled you have documented the big day. You too look stunning, way to be brave and post a pic of yourself!!! Something I haven't been able to do. Looks like a perfect day thank you for sharing!!!

Annette-California said...

Lovely photo of you and your son. Yes you do need to be in photos more. Why? 20 yrs from now you may ask yourself "Why wasn't I in more photos back then. I was young". Think of your future grand babies. I enjoy all my photos of my grandparents....I cracked up laughing "penguin" and "angry bird". Your sampler is so pretty. LOVE Kimberly's wedding gown - it looks pure fantasy and gorgeous.
love Annette

Nicola said...

What a beautiful outfit and photo of you with your son. Thank you for sharing the wedding photos and yes your DIL's dress is stunning.

Siobhán said...

Congratulations to the happy couple! Great photos, I loved seeing them. Your outfit looks so nice!

Your angry bird (got a great laugh out of that!) looks good, and I'm sure when he gets a bit of plumage going, he'll be even better. ;)

Katrina said...

LOL, on the angry bird talk, just focus on the finish. It's a gorgeous sampler.

Great wedding pictures too, congrats to your son and his wife :-).

Robyn said...

Oh my goodness Sandra. I can't believe Adam is so grown up ..the brides dress is just gorgeous. Gee time is going so quickly. Your stitch is lovely. I always look forward to reading your blog entries.
Take care
Robyn xx

Karoline said...

LOL at the angry bird! The sampler is looking lovely

Gorgeous photos from the wedding

Katherine said...

What a pretty outfit you chose. I love that red! And you are lovely!