Thursday, June 17, 2010

Not Another Sampler With Sheep

I haven't really done a great deal of work on Sophia's Sampler this week, but each stitch is a stitch closer to the finish I say.

Sophia to me is still a really beautiful girl and I am enjoying working on her. I have nearly finished this section and it is sort of similar on the other side except for an extra piece. I have some stem stitch work to do on this bit round about when the bottom flower is, so hopefully I will get to it today or tomorrow. I love how Sophia has scattered all these little bits that look like stars. The verse is coming up next and in case you are wondering where the sheep are. They are in the bottom section.

The reason why I haven't done much on Sophia is that I decided to have a break from her over the long weekend. I decided to see if I could finish the house that is on Harriet Burry's Sampler. This is a sampler that I fell in love with when I first saw it on the cover of the Sampler and Antique Needlework Magazine.

When my friend Tawny and I were considering which samplers to stitch on our Sunday SAL. Hannah and Harriet were both in the mix. We wanted to stitch both of these samplers, but we decided to work on Hannah Lancaster first. Don't worry Hannah is still in my basket. I am waiting for Tawny and Deb to catch up with me. I think Suzanne who also joined us has caught up, but Suzanne has started in the middle.

I decided to start Harriet and do her for a little bit while I waited, but because I was so wrapped up in Grazing Sheep I hadn't done much on Harriet. So I thought, this weekend I was going to just concentrate on her and this is the result. I think that Harriet could be a little bit of a problem child as I have already had a few problems with her, but like all problem children she is worth all the trouble. I have the house all finished except with the windows. I have worked out the problems with the windows and hopefully all will go well with them. Maybe Harriet will appear again this weekend.

Harriet is a very special sampler to me as my dear friend Tawny kindly sent me the fabric and the silk threads to do Harriet. This is really the first sampler that I have done in silks and I am enjoying the experience of working on them. I can see why a lot of you really enjoy working with this wonderful medium. I have worked on occasions with silk but only on small amounts. I would just like to say to my dear friend "Thank you for allowing me to have this experience. I am really enjoying it".

Today isn't that good in the Mountains. It is very windy and quite cold. My fire is having a good work out today. I hope I have a better day with it today, that yesterday. It kept going out on me. I always have problems with this fire. I think sometimes, I have problems getting it going as I must be mean with the kindling as I hate using a lot of it.

Well, again thank you for paying me a visit and I love reading comments that people leave. I have been having problems with blogger leaving comments on some blogs. For some reason it has changed a little bit and requires my password which it doesn't seem to like. Hopefully, it will stop asking me these questions soon and allow me to make comments.

I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend wherever you are and that the weather is kind to you.


Margaret said...

Both projects look great! I hope Harriet is a tolerable stitch. I've heard rumors about her. lol!

The Scarlett House said...

Hi Sandra, Sophia is really calling to me thanks to you. I apreciate your advice regarding the window problem with Harriet. I'm going to drop you an email soon. I had been planning to anyway, and now that you've solved my dilema, I need to get that sampler out and finish her. I really loved what I had finished until I got frustrated with those darn windows.

The Scarlett House said...
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Isadarena said...

Your Sophia Sampler looks very nice and I look foraward to seeing your next progress on it :-)
Oh !! I laso fell in love with the little house from The SANQ and sure, I will make it too ....:-)
Happy stithcing ,

Anonymous said...

Hello from Kentucky! I am also working on Harriet and love every stitch. She is large but incredibly beautiful. I did not stitch the windows like Harriet and am very happy with my change. Love your sheep samplers and see a trend since Harriet also has some sheep!! Blessings to you today - kelley

Deb said...

Both of your pieces are looking wonderful Sandra - but I was wondering where the sheep were! Silks are wonderful to work with, aren't they? Wish I could afford to use them more. And I'm going to try to catch up on Hannah (I know, I've been saying that for a while), but maybe this weekend!

Melissa said...

Oh Sandra, I always love your samplers. I love Sophia and have loved her for a long time! I'm so glad to see you stitching her and hope one day I will too!

And Harriet is pretty special too!

Aussie Stitcher said...

Sophia and Harriett are both looking gorgeous

Siobhan said...

Your samplers are both wonderful, Sandra! Lovely progress.

Bethany said...


It looks like both Sophia and Harriet are doing wonderful. I wish I was sitting down to cold weather stitching, but unfortunatly not for me. This weekend is outside projects and like you already know, in Florida it is HOT HOT HOT. Enjoy the weekend.

Suzanne said...

Harriet is a lovely sampler, but how do you cope with two samplers with huge houses. I know the house in Hannah is driving me mad and not even halfway through it.

I am glad you love the silk threads, they are really addictive to stitch with.

Kathy A. said...

Lovely lovely sampler. You always find the most beautiful pieces to work on. Look forward to viewing those sheep

Hillary said...

I got interested in cross stitching way back 2000; when I am jobless and don't have anything to do at home. While waiting for any job opportunity, I find myself being enjoyed in this cross stitching. I only finish one but its certainly look good, it is an angel printed with heart sign. I just loved it!