Friday, October 30, 2009

Hark The Heralds Angels Sing

Well, here is my progress on Miss Betsy Manchester. I am slowly getting there. I went through a period where I couldn't be bothered doing any sewing and then I had a lot of worries with a couple of family members.

In case you are wondering the reference to Angels. Well, it is for 3 reasons really. The first one is obvious as there are 2 angels on the top of Miss Betsy. The second is that last Sunday was the 2nd Anniversary of my Mum's passing.
The 3rd is on this particular Saturday/Sunday evening one of my Sons was rushed to the Emergency Ward of the Hospital. Some charming person decided that it would be great fun to spike his drink. I am so thankful to his girlfriend and her family as they rushed him to the hospital. Her Brother drove through red lights very late on Saturday evening, threw him over his shoulder and ran into the hospital with him. He kept going into and out of consciousness, he had chest pains, pins and needles and was hyper-ventilating. He was in a bad way for a few hours.

By the time my DH, younger Son and I got to the hospital after our 2 hour drive he was feeling a lot better after they had flushed out his system. Thankfully he is now on the mend but is still suffering pains in his body. We don't know what was in his drink, but honestly I think some people sit on their brains some times. I think my Mum and the Angels were looking after him.

See I have scary ladies again. I think the one on the rights eyes are too big hmmmm. I might have another bash at doing them.
This Betsy is a little bit shorter than the other Betsy.
After a week of rain and cold weather the sun has finally come out today. I have so many roses again which are lovely. I also have these beautiful flag iris's out, snap dragons and poppies, but the never ending forget-me-nots. I have hundreds of forget-me-nots. Everything is a sea of blue.
Well, to all my friends who celebrate Halloween, I hope you have a lovely weekend. We don't celebrate it here.


staci said...

Oh my! I'm so glad your son is doing better. This is such a scary thing for a parent to go through. {{hugs}}

FayeRaye said...

hang in there!!! Love your progress!~

Nancy said...

Another beautiful sampler! I love watching you stitch these.

That is such a scary story about your son. Thank goodness he had people watching out for him. Hope he is doing well.

Suzanne said...

My goodness, I am very glad that your son is ok. You are right, sometimes people just don't think. It may have been a funny prank to someone, but don't realise how dangerous it was. I am glad to hear that he is doing better.

Great progress on your sampler. The eyes are a little creepy, I seem to always have problems with faces when stitching.

Margaret said...

Beautiful!!! I just love your Betsys. :D I still can't believe that about your son and someone spiking his drink. It's just not right. Thank goodness he's ok.

Deb said...

I think that your mum was definitely looking out for your son. Such a scary experience to go through. Hope that he's still improving for the whole ordeal.

And I've been waiting for a progress pic on Betsy. She looks wonderful. It amazes how beautiful these actually are when you see them actually in progress and not just on the cover of the pattern!

Cari said...

Ha, those eyes - french knots always drive me batty!

It sounds like you have had quite a week. I am so glad that your son is going to be ok (what is wrong with people!) What a blessing that the people with him acted so quickly.

It's good to hear from you and as always, your stitching is amazing!

I pray you have a quiet, restful weekend with lots of stitching.

Kathy A. said...

Thank God your son is okay. How awful that must have been. I am very worried about my son right now so I have a little idea of how you were feeling. ((((((hugs)))))
Love the new sampler and yep the eyes are too big.

Melissa said...

I just love watching you stitch these beautiful samplers!

I'm glad your son is ok now. There are some wierd people out there!

Love to Stitch said...

It is awful how these kids treat each other these days-- thank goodness he is ok!!! Gosh, what a nightmare.

Your Betsey is just GORGEOUS, keep it up, you will have her done in no time at all.

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

I'm telling you - kids drinking and being stupid is such a scary thought. whomever spiked your son's drink should be ashamed. What a dumb thing to do! I'm glad he's on the mend - I can imagine how frantic you were.

Your sampler is gorgeous - absolutely gorgeous!

Siobhan said...

Oh my gosh, I am so glad that your son is on the mend! What a scary thing. You have to wonder about the idiots that are out there that would spike somebody's drink. I warn my older daughter about that all the time but they can be as careful as anything & have it still happen. Poor guy--I hope he's recovering well, and that your nerves are as well! Angels were definitely watching over him.

Your Betsy is coming along so nicely--gorgeous progress!

Brigitte said...

OMG, what happened to your son sounds so scary. It's good to read that he's on the mend by now. What I always wonder about is that there are so many brainless people out there who think these things are funny. That's sick.

Brigitte said...

Just wanted to say that your sampler looks gorgeous. These eyes are a bit too big maybe you can manage a smaller French knot. But then, French knots don't always come out as we want them to be.

Karoline said...

I'm glad your son is doing well.

Betsy is looking lovely, nice progress

Mylene said...

That was scary! Glad to hear your son is ok. and hope fully recovered by now.

You have made a good progress on your stitching.

Glenna said...

Oh, dear about your son! How awful!

I like this Betsy too--I like all the things you stitch. LOL about the big eyes--just stitch a little horizontal line between the two eyes and call them glasses!