Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Beautiful Book

Well as you can see Betsy D is moving right along. I haven't quite finished needleweaving behind the people on the right. The ones on the left hand side look ok though. When I have finished this bit, I have another lot of Queen Stitch to do. I suppose they will look like either buds or acorns. Who can tell lol. Then behind all this it will be black. I am still loving working on this sampler. As you know it is a sampler that I have wanted for many years.

It is really interesting with Betsy Davis as I have found another 2 samplers while researching the Mary Balch school. One of them is called Ruth Edd and the other is called Betsy Wardwell. If I get these links right check out how much Betsy Wardwell went for when she was auctioned a few years ago. All I can say is wow. It would be lovely if ours were worth that much. wouldn't it.
The other day I found this beautiful book and of course being a Jane Austen fan I had to buy it. What a beautiful book it is. It is called "Jane Austen's Sewing Box" - Craft Projects & Stories From Jane Austen's Novels by Jennifer Forest.

A lot of the craft projects are Regency Projects. But it is simply a beautiful book with small pieces from her books and small portions from her letters.

There are lots of photos like this one, which shows fashion in the Regency period.

There are also a few photos of miniatures that I love. This one also shows how to tie a cravat. Very useful lol. You never know when you have to tie one. Do you think he looks like Mr Darcy.

Among the projects that you can make there is this workbag. Very pretty.

Then there is this gentleman. Obviously an officer. I wonder who he could be lol.
I think it is actually an Australian book as it is published by Murdoch Books. But I know that Amazon in the UK have it as does Amazon in the US. I found it quite interesting with
Amazon US as they have this book listed new at $39.21, but they have I used book from $98.88. Interesting.
I must tell you, that I have found an absolutely brilliant cleaning cloth that really works. Most women will have them in their house and they work like magic. It is "panty hose". You use your old pairs of them. You can also use "knee high" stockings". It is a really good cloth that is very gentle at removing things e.g. soap scum, on stainless steel and also works brilliantly with bi-carb and vinegar.
We have a combustion fire and every few days I clean the glass of it to remove the soot that has built up. It works fine on the hot glass and removes all the soot so that we can see the wood happily burning away. When I have finished I just give it a wash and it is ready for the next time. They are also brilliant at cleaning around taps. You put the panty hose around the back of the tap and grab hold of each end and run it backwards and forwards.
Also I am sorry if I haven't paid you a visit lately. I have been very busy with my box project and hopefully I will finish it next week. The ones that I am doing at the moment have taken me a long time to do as they are decoupaged and I have had to cut all the motifs out. All I can say is that the end is near, thank goodness. I will be glad to see the end of them.
What amazing weather we are getting at the moment. I think Spring has come early, although my fire is still burning happily to keep the house warm. On Sunday, I went to visit my Dad in Sydney and it was definitely a "light and frilly" day.
I hope you all have a lovely week and thank you for stopping by. I really enjoy meeting all of you.


Aussie Stitcher said...

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. It is funny, you mentioned cyclamens, they were one of my Mum's favourite plants. Dad still has quite a few of them. I just might have to start my own collection of them.
Betsy is looking wonderful, and the price that it sold for is amazing.

Suzanne said...

Betsy looks great and so close to finishing.

Those two samplers are magnificent. I can't believe how much the Betsy one sold for. It would be nice to think that our stitching may be worth a lot of money in a few centuries time.

I love this warm weather at the moment. The house is staying warm, the clothes are drying and the garden is coming back to life. The only complaint I have is that it is too dry. I feel very dry.

Melissa said...

I just love this Betsy. It is so beautiful and just think of the heirloom you are creating!

Thank you for the JA book recommendation. It looks interesting. I will check it out!

Enjoy your Spring!

Kathy A. said...

Lovely, lovely sampler.
Your Jane Austen book looks like an interesting collection of her likes.
I can't imagine a fire right now. We are stifling in the summer heat here!

Cari said...

You are making such great progress - I can't wait to receive this pattern in the mail!

It just amazes me how much old samplers are going for - isn't it just wonderful.

I agree with Suzanne, wouldn't it be wonderful to think we are building an inheritance for our great-great-grandchildren, one x at a time.

Margaret said...

Pantyhose is also great over the nozzle of your vacuum for dusting things (so you don't lose anything up the vacuum).

Love your Betsy! My goodness, you are so far along! She is sooooooo pretty! I can see why you've always wanted her. She's going to be another spectacular one.

Hope those boxes get done soon! Love that book too.

Deb said...

You are making such wonderful progress on this sampler. I am truly amazed at each step you complete with this beauty. I love watching your progress on this so much.

Those two samplers are truly beautiful. I certainly can't even imagine a sampler going for that huge amount of money.

And funny how you talk about Spring coming to your part of your world - fall is slowing coming to ours - although it's hotter than anything here, but the sun is starting it's decent back towards the south so I know fall is coming soon.

Finish up those boxes so we can see more of your beautiful work!!

Siobhan said...

Betsy is just wonderful!! I would love to run my hand along the stitches, to feel the beauty that my eyes are looking at. So, so pretty!

Thanks for the tip on panty hose--great idea!

Karoline said...

Betsy is looking gorgeous, great progress.

Lelia said...

beautiful stitching --- I enjoy visiting & seeing your progress. Thx for sharing your new book,too

venus said...

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Anonymous said...


Your Betsy is coming along so very nicely!!!! You are an inspiration to me!

Thank you for the sneak peeks on the JA book.

I hope you get all your boxes done.

Anonymous said...

Your blog was recommended to me as I would like to know where in Australia I can buy some of these corss stitch patterns? My name is Ann and I live in Victoria and am new to blogging! Your stitching is so beautiful...I look forward to hearing from you! Ann

Always smiling said...


I love that sampler aren't they wonderful to stitch I love the way the rows grow.
Your stitching is lovely and so nice to read about Australia, we were there last February/ March and were in the rain just where you live!! But it was all fantastic and I would love to visit again.
Chris x

Patti-Rocky Mtn Stitcher said...

Hi love your blog! On your Betsy Davis did you fill the faces in with like a satin stitch or over 1 Thank you