Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I took 2 photos of Elizabeth Welfare that I framed the other day. She is hanging in my Dining Room which comes off the Kitchen. I have a small wall that is covered in cork for some reason that I have never figured out and Elizabeth is hanging there. I was having trouble with the curtains letting in light and reflections so I have posted both photos. She does look lovely hanging there. Don't know how much longer the cork will be there.

I decided to take a break from blogging for a while. I seemed to be always on the computer and I was having trouble with my eyes so I restricted my self to just reading my emails occasionally.

Lois Minshall is coming along nicely. In fact I don't have that my much to do. I hopefullyt should finish her by the end of the month. I have to sit down and work out my mothers maiden name and DOB to put on her.

I decided to do the border which I always find a right pain. It is such a relief when it all joins up the right way.

This is my next project. It is called Elizabeth Cox from The Scarlet Letter. I first saw this one a few years ago when it was in the antique stage. When I saw the name I knew that if I could find it I would buy it as my Grandmother was a Cox. Also my Mum's middle name is Elizabeth. How knows, there could be a connection.

When I found that my second favourite needlework shop had imported to Australia, well what can I say. She is now MINE. This one though is going to be a right challenge. Not only does it have cross stitch, over one and two, but wait for it, it also has long and short stitch, satin stitch, French knots and stem stitch used as a filling stitch. I think this one will be a right challenge.

On the domestic front my son passed his driving test on the first go. He was also offered a job in Sydney which he has taken and now spends the week living with my Dad and Sister. He comes home on weekends.


staci said...

Beautiful projects and even more beautiful stitching!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Sandra,

The framing of Elizabeth Welfare
looks amazing. It must be very
satisfying to see a project that
you've worked so hard on and put
so much time into finally framed
and hanging on display. Do you do your own framing then???

I'm glad to hear that your son
has passed his driving test on
the first attempt. Good for him.
Bet that's a big relief for him,
and for you too. And a new job
as well. Wow. He's really on a

How's your Dad doing?? Did he
test positive for pneumonia???
It's a nasty business that has
a tendency to sneak up on a
person and catches them unawares.
Hope he's feeling better now.

I find it hard to leave the
computer alone. It's taken the
place of the tv for me. I like
making my own "programing"
instead of being at the mercy of
the tv stations and their out to
lunch programmers.

So who do you have on your Ipod?
Is it Loreena McKennitt?? I
haven't met anyone yet who knows
the music of Connie Dover, but
I've loved her for years and have
all of her CD's. I love
celtic music and so many of my
favourites are artists from that
area of music.

I can't believe that you've had
snow again. Isn't it spring
where you are??? (I'm
geographically challenged so I
don't know these things) Of
course there are places in Canada
(hello Winnipeg) where it's been
known to snow in summer. But
it's not entirely normal.

When it comes to stash it seems
that I'm making up for the 10
years that I wasn't stitching.
I can't help myself. I'm
just as bad with books, which is
scary. Wait until you see what
I did on Ebay the other day!!


Aussie Stitcher said...

I am pleased for your son, and you, it will free up some stitching time for you. Your framed stitching looks great, and yes it is a huge relief when the borders meet up.

Cindy F. said...

Beautiful framed finish!
Congrats to your son:)

Lapplisor said...

Dear Sandra
I am pleased much to read from you to.
hopefully everything is on the way of the improvement in your family. I wish it to you much.
Your work became so beautiful. I am pleased that you plan the end of this work already soon.
Your new project looks great. as many small crosses are to be worked on it.
I hope, you have a beautiful 2.Advent.
All love

Suzanne said...

Your sampler has come out really beautifully. Your new design is coming along really well. I hate sewing the borders as well, as I have many times got back to the beginning only to find that I miss counted along the way.

I love how you are doing samplers for the differnt women in your family. I am sure that they will become family treasures.

Good news about your son, it probably means you have a little more time not having to drive him around everywhere.

We were up at Karen's shop a few weeks ago and Karen said that I had missed you again. Apparently you had been in the day before and were in the city that day we visited. I am sure that I will get my timing right one day and we will meet up.

Amelie is doing a lot better this week. I have found a lot of her grumbling was caused by what I ate. So no more broccoli, cauliflower, onions or most dairy. She had her first immunisation on Tuesday and slept for most of yesterday. Aurelia is doing well and seems to accepting the whole new family thing much better. She just loves her little sister to bits.