Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Dance Time

I finished Elizabeth last week, but wanted to wait till I had visited my Dad for Father's Day to take a few photo's of "The GG Grandmothers". I had the photo's on the computer but lost them when our computer crashed. Silly me also deleted the photos off the camera. Darn.

Elizabeth is my GGG Grandmother on my Mum's side of the family. Her daughter was Lois Kimber below. I decided to do this series of samplers with family names on them for my Mum. She was quite ill at the time and unfortunately spent most of her time sitting in her beautiful bedroom. Mum had a few of my samplers around the walls of her bedroom and they were all greatly admired by one and all. Lois was above her bed.

Lois's daughter was Jane Stevenson and she was my beloved Great Grandmother. Unfortunately for me her daughter my Grandmother passed away a few months before I was born on my Mum's birthday from Breast Cancer. So my G Grandmother was a huge influence in my life. I think I got my love of England and all things English from her. I remember I used to spend a lot of time with her as my Mum was quite ill when I was young. My G Grandmother taught me to knit and I think I also got my love of needlework from her.

Unfortunately, the sampler is only a small one as I wanted to give it to my Mum for Mother's Day and I didn't have time to do a large one befitting someone so important in my live. Anyway, my Mum loved both of them appreciated all the work that went into them.

I just have to find a beautiful sampler now to dedicate to my Grandmother Annie.

With Beatrix I have finished another 2 motifs and started a third. I think this will be a sampler that comes out every now and then.

I have started working on Lois Minshall which is really beautiful. I wanted to start this as I want to dedicate it to my Mum and as the 1st anniversary of her passing is coming up next month the time to do it is now.

The say on Lois is -

A Mother's Love, how dear the name,
What bliss unfolds it sacred power
Then ever may its fairest flame,
Illume my evry given hour.

To all my friends that I have made in the US I just want to say that you are all in my thoughts on the anniversary of this terrible day. I remember waking up the next morning and hearing about this tragedy. We hastily turned the TV on and the whole household sat in shocked disbelief at what was happening.


Suzanne said...

Congratulations on such a wonderful finish! Your samplers are so beautiful, they are sure to become family heirlooms. Your new start looks lovely, it so very small. Is this one on 40ct?

I was up at The Stitching Post on Saturday and Karen said that I missed you by only minutes. It's a shame, as I would love to get the opportunity to meet. Perhaps after the baby is born.

staci said...

Your samplers are Gorgeous! Beautiful treasures for your family.

Joan ((*_*)) said...

Hi Sandra
I'm good! hope you are as well?
Thanks for the tip...I'll give that a go. The weather on this side is sunshine and showers today.
You stitch over '1' yes? I think I might try that...can you use 28 count evenweave, or should I get a larger count? Your Samplers are just 'beaut' you should be very proud.
You say you love all things do I, but that is probably because I am English. Came to live in Perth 33 years ago. We went to England in April this year (I've been back 5 times in 33 years) but this was the 1st time I'd been back for a real holiday, to see places I had never seen before. It was wonderful!! Last year we went to Italy where My husband Joe was born, I could live there.
Go on give 'stitchin fingers' a whirl, dam the housework.

Talk Soon Cheers Joan ((*_*))

Anonymous said...

Just gorgeous! Congratulations on your finish! The WIPs are just beautiful too! A real feast for the eyes!

Yuko said...

Hi Sandra,
Congratulation on your beautiful finish!!
I want to see your walls, there must be so many stunning works!!

Lapplisor said...

Dear Sandra
I congratulate to you to the completion of this beautiful Samplers !
I visit your Blog so gladly, because you have to report always as much background.
I am pleased also to progress with Beatrix. a mad sample is it!

I thank you for your nice comment to my " The Token ". I enjoy also much about him :-)
I wish you a beautiful weekend.
♥☼♥ Barbara ♥☼♥

Crazee4books said...

Hi Sandra,

Well, Elizabeth is finished and
as expected she is magnificent!!
Congratulations on yet another
incredible finish Sandra.

I do love how you've taken these
samplers and made them so personal.
Dedicating each one to a member of
your own family makes them so much
more meaningful and special.

Lois looks like she's going to be
a beauty too and I'll enjoy
watching her grow.

We're having a crazy, mixed up
weekend weather wise, with
some sunshine, tons of rain,
humidity and tons of rain...
The remnants of hurricane Ike,
by way of the U.S.


brodstitch said...

I visit your blog for the first one.
The works are magnificent!

Teri said...

The Elizabeth finish is beautiful; I love it! The stitches on the new start look so tiny! How do you do it??

Wendy said...

What gorgeous samplers and how wonderful to have created so much of your own family history into them. One of these days, I want to plan out a grandmother's sampler, I can't go back too far but with some more searching hopefully, I'll find more info.