Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Another Golden Oldie and WIP

I have been very busy with things going along in my life. November and December are always busy for my family as not only with Christmas coming along we also have 3 birthdays to celebrate. Tomorrow is the last birthday that we have to celebrate for this year and then its Christmas and not long after Christmas my eldest son is getting married. I have a very busy time coming up.

Anyway,I thought I'd show you another "golden oldie". This is a Carriage House Samplings Sampler called "Mary Elizabeth Kingsford - 1764". She is stitched on 32ct linen. I love CHS's are they seem to appeal to me. I love the deer in this one.

This is my progress on Margaret Gibson. She is moving along nicely although I haven't had much time to move her along a bit faster. I love the colour scheme and I think she will be an absolute stunner when she is finished. I love working on fine linen.

We have had the most incredible few days in the Blue Mountains since last Friday. So much rain and the thunderstorms. My goodness, we have had a lot of both. On Friday afternoon and Saturday I think we could have filled all the dams in Sydney. I was going to do this yesterday morning but we had a thunderstorm around 10.30 a.m. and then a day of continual storms and blackouts so I couldn't post anything.

As I said on Saturday we had a day of continual heavy rain so I decided to get creative and make myself a new necklace. I had a collection of green and pink beads and I put together this one. I now know why these necklaces are so expensive as it took me nearly all day to do. I like jewellery that are in ropes and this one looks nice on.

I also have a collection of blue and gold beads that I am currently making this on. This is my progress so far. It is 4 strands wide at the moment and I have to work in another 2-4 strands. It depends on how thick it becomes. The one above is 6 strands. I think this one will look nice with jeans.

I would like to say thank you to all the lovely people who read my blog and also to the kind people who leave nice comments. They are all greatly appreciated and I love to read them. Thank You.


lapplisor said...

Hello Sandra
Me pleases your work on both WIP's. Both motives are much to-pitch-end.
Also the jewels look very beautiful.
You are extremely creatively - the correct occupation, if that weather is so terrible.
greeting Barbara

Suzanne said...

I love these two sampler designs, the colours are really beautiful. I love CHS designs as well, as you know I have been building up a nice little collection, hopefully next year, I have time to stitch a few. The beading you have done is wonderful, you have done a really great job. I agree it is very time consuming, which I am sure adds to the cost.

The storms and rain have been great for the garden, although it means the lawn needs more mowing than ever. I think this is the wettest weather we have had since we lansdcaped the garden four years ago and the plants are loving it. The storms yesterday seemed to last forever and the rain came down so hard. At least it may help with the dam levels.

Wendy said...

I love the sampler you are working on ~ its coming along beautifully. And the necklaces you have made are stunning! How amazing to be able to put together such gorgeous pieces!!

Yuko said...

Oh another beautiful pieces!
Whenever I came here, I can see beautiful pieces, so it's really pleasure to visit your blog!!!
This Barric (CHS) Samplers design is just what I wanted and was just looking at e-bay now, lol!
Anyway, it's so beautiful, as always!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Sandra,

It's funny reading a blog that's been posted halfway across the world. Here we've got cold weather and snow, while in your world it's warm temperatures and thunderstorms. Do you love thunderstorms as much as I do?? I love to sit and watch one come in and then watch the rain pour down and the lightening flash.

Margaret Gibson is coming along nicely, and I really love the burgundy and rose mixed colours in it.

M.E. Kingsford - 1764 is a pretty one too, and a little different from the usual sampler styles it seems. The deer is quite a graceful design.

Got an email from Victoria magazine. I've been informed that it'll take 4 to 6 weeks to arrange for the mailing of the first issue to me. Swell. I should get it just in time for the release date of the second issue. Hmmm... wonder when I'll get that issue then.

You are certainly going to be busy this month with birthdays and Christmas all falling so close together. My Mom's birthday was Dec 5th, which she shares with my Uncle (my Dad's younger brother). One of my dearest friends celebrates her birthday on Dec 31st. Ah well. It's all a lot of fun.

How does your family celebrate Christmas???

Have a great week Sandra.


Robyn said...

Hi Sandra, Thanks for the pages you left at work on the weekend.Sorry I missed you but will catch up soon.I love to look at you blog and see all the beauitful work you have done they are truley beauitful.I have seen a few in person but havent seen alot of your work..Just love it..Cya soon Robyn

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Love your samplers and your necklaces! I see we have lots in common!