Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Token and Inspiration from Victoria.

I'm sorry that I haven't blogged over the last few days as our modem died and I had to wait for a replacement to be sent to us.

Well I finished the Token. She is quite beautiful. I am quite pleased with her and more importantly Karen is absolutely thrilled with it. Its currently away being framed so she will be displaying it in Dragonfly Dreams when it is returned to her.

I am now currently working on Margaret Gibson from Scarlet Letter. She is beautiful. I love working on very fine linen and this satisfies this love. I haven't done that much but she is currently coming along nicely.
I have another love. I love making and designing jewelery for myself and my sister and future DIL. I saw this collection of jewelery in my favorite magazine, Victoria. (Welcome back I have missed you). When I saw this the creative juices started to flow as I have a very old medallion that belonged to my great uncle who died in 1916 in the battle of the Somme aged 20. I usually wear this on a gold chain on ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day. I is my way of remembering my Grandfathers brother.

I had a string of freshwater pearls that I had made into another necklace that I wasn't wearing so I converted it into the one below. I'm quite happy with it and I think I will get alot of wear out of it.
I thought I'd show you these 2 necklaces that are very special to me. I also love cameos. The large cameo belonged to my Mum and she gave it to me a few years ago. I love wearing it on the pearls as it reminds me of her. The smaller cameo was a present from my Sister. Both cameos came from Italy and I find that since I have added the pearls I wear them more often.
This one I have posted before. I made this as a 21st birthday present for my future DIL. It is very beautiful. It is made out of freshwater pearls, coin pearls, crystal hearts and silver findings.
I buy all my pearls and jewelery making supplies from my friend Karen's beautiful shop Dragonfly Dreams.

I'd like to say thank you to all the lovely people who leave their beautiful comments on my blog. You don't know how much they mean to me. Its nice to know that people are appreciating the things that you do. I hope that you all have a lovely weekend.


Barbara said...

The token is beautiful and so will Margaret Gibson.

Love those jewellery, so elegant :)

Wendy said...

Congratulations on your finish! The Token is a gorgeous piece and it will look stunning framed in the shop. Your jewellery is lovely too!

Suzanne said...

The Token is absolutely gorgeous! As you know I was lucky enough to see it in person. I am looking forward to seeing it all framed in Karen's shop. Your new design is beautiful and you have completed som much of it. Great ideas with the jewellery, it's an excellent way of recycling some of your jewellery.

We have had a few lovely storms the last couple of days, but it seems that you guys have had a lot more up the mountains than we have down here. Hopefully all this rain means that we will have an incident free fire season.

lapplisor said...

Dear Sandra

Thanks for the nice attendance in my Blog.

I am pleased much to see "The Token" so perfectly finished, because I wait unfortunately still for my mail :-(

Your new work has also a marvelous Design. Much fun thereby!

This Jewellery is all together marvelous memories, which are worth it, preciously to be treated...
LG Barbara

The Nostalgia Fairy said...

Hi Sandra,
The Token is really beautiful and I love your jewellery ideas, very original. I love cameos too and have several, I think they are so elegant and timeless. I also have loads of pearl necklaces but never thought of putting them together. Thanks for sharing.
Take care,
Sandi x

lapplisor said...

Hello Sandra
I is today so lucky, and would like to tell you, that the post office my ordered Sampler of: The token, and Mouline rouge - brought finally to me -
" hurra greetings " Barbara

Joanie said...

The Token is such a beautiful piece and I love that you stitched it with red thread!
Your jewelry is fab too, so innovative and lovely too.
And Margaret Gibson is coming along nicely too.

I have a question about the Virtue Sampler, the one in the JCS mag that you sent me....I'll email you and's a question about one of the symbols...and I'll catching up with you too!

Eles Kleine Wunderwelt said...

Congratulations Sandra,
the Token is GREAT and wonderful!
Well done.
Many greetings from Gabriele-Germany

lapplisor said...

Hello Sandra
I wants unfortunately only able ton begin ton the new year with the work with Long Dog of.

greetings from Germany

Jaimie said...

Exquisite finish! I love The Token! It is going to look beautiful when it is framed. Your jewelry is beautiful as well.

Yuko said...

Wow, your token is so wonderful!!
It must be really beautiful to see in person!
By the way, your jewellies are so gorgeous!
You have so many talents!
Everything made from you are so stunning and sophisticated!

Ranae said...

The Token is beautful, love the colors.
The jewerly is gorgeous.
MG is coning along great.

Kajsa said...

The token is gorgeous! Your jewellery is so pretty too!

I'm so sorry to hear about your mom.