Thursday, August 16, 2007


Welcome to my blog. My name is Sandra and I live in the Blue Mountains of Australia. I have been doing needlework since I was small. My Great Grandmother taught me to knit when I was 5 years old. I have been doing cross stitch since I was 13 years old.

As I have 3 sons I thought a few years ago that I would make a collection of reproduction antique samplers for them as a family heirloom from their mother. My eldest son is 22 and has moved down to Sydney and has taken a few of the ones that I have given him with him. Some of my really good ones I have given away to my mother as presents and they look lovely in her beautiful home. Some of the ones that my mother has I have changed the names on them to names and dates of my Great Great Grandmothers. One of the ones that I have done has my G.G.G.G. Grandmothers name and birth date and as she was Spanish, Madrid.

Unfortunately I do not have any photos of these one at the moment but when I go to Sydney to visit her I will take some photo's to show you.

The last sampler I finished was Dutch Beauty. She is worked on tea-dyed 32ct linen and is worked over 1 stitch with one strand of DMC cotton. I will post a photo of her when my camera's battery has charged up.

I have alot of favourite samplers that I want to do. I have started Sarah Moon but I think I might wait until I can get some 40ct linen as I think she is going to be to big for me. I like doing things over 1 as it saves on wall space and the finished product is so much finer. I have now done 3 samplers entirely over 1 and they look lovely.


Anonymous said...

hi every1

Lapplisor said...

hi Sandra
your blog is so beautyfull, and my love ist also antik sampler tx Long dog´s "Mouling Rouge",Quaker and more ...
best wishes from Germany